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I currently have a FRONT stand on order from Ferrachi.. Has been on order for 4 weeks.. I was just told to expect another 4-6 weeks... geeezz..

I'm looking for an alternative... 1. I know the front PitBull stand is an accident waiting to happen..and I have the body damage to prove it! Sold the one I had... 2. The Casoli stand looks similar to the Ferrachi, but looks cheesier.. lightweight.

Can anyone point me to another alternative? I'm really disapointed at Ferrachi's apathtic customer service and will cancel if I can find something as good or better...

Thanks in advance ..

-- Pirate (, October 22, 2004


We use a convertible Pitbull REAR stand on the front and adjust the non spooled sides to fit on the fork's brake carrier. Never had a problem--and we have had our project MV F4 apart many times for weeks at a time. One must use a rear stand when ever you use a front stand though--as you probably know...

Our project MV is for sale: ViewItem&item=2494893509&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT

-- martin (, October 22, 2004.

Appreciate the advise, Martin, but.. as to your comment.. "We use a convertible Pitbull REAR stand on the front"..

I went to their website and do not see anything listed as a Convertable stand.. I see a standard, a spooled, an SS, a 999 rear..

A clue as to EXACTLY the one you are talking about? None of these look like it would work ..

-- Pirate (, October 22, 2004.

Yo! use the stock MV stand for rear & front. I hate seeing my the kids get stuck underneath my bike. Bad vibes!

-- AJ (, October 23, 2004.

It is called The "SS rear stand". Cost is $140. It works for spooled and non spooled double swingarm bikes. Pick up the bike from the caliper carrier using the non spooled side. Just remember to use your rearstand at the same time. If you use a front stand by itself with any bike--you are asking for trouble.

-- martin (, October 23, 2004.

I bought a used one person rear stand on Ebay. I paid $125+.

Once I found the correct size pin for the rear end, it was fantastic.

It had a manufacturers sticker on it,- HANDY. I had never heard of this company. I thought I knew all that was needed to know about my bike.

A Google later, and I discover:

They are unbelieveablely great! After the fact I found a small ad for them in 'Motorcyclist'.

I sent them an e-mail suggesting they try to increase their market awareness.

They have a deal offering both a front and rear stand for $99(or so).

I lost a sub-tank panel on my F4. $180 and still waiting 3 weeks later. When have any of us experienced a great deal on MV stuff? What on an MV can you get for less than $100?

The stand I bought was described as being suitable for my MV. It was for a 996. It did not fit. When I tracked down Handy, they offered replacement axle pins for various bikes including the MV. 2 days later I had mine. I now roll into my garage, pop the stand into place, lift the bike up and walk away. All by myself! It even looks great. Rolled steel, powder coated, not just cut and welded like a 'Pitbull'.

Handy Industries are an old fashioned quality Mid-Western manufacturing company. An American Company. The kind of company that is now being out-sourced to Taiwan or China. Remember this when you vote on Nov. 2nd!

BTW, I have NO affiliation with Handy Industries. I'm just a very satisfied customer.



-- Kevin Hannigan (, October 25, 2004.

KH.. appreiate the feedback, but I have a few questions....

They offer TWO front stands that I see.. one, I know will not work as it slots into holes underneath the fork ends.. and our F4 forks do not work that way. This is the stand that they are selling with a generic rear for $99... so that option is out.

The other stand "Front Headstock Stand - 13003" is the kind that will slide under the front fairing... Will this work on the MV?

BTW.. I thought Handy was the largest and oldest lift company out there. They advertise in almost every bike magazine I've ever seen. I have actually owned one or two of their products years ago. Had looked on their site a while back but didn't see anything that looked like it would fit the MV... Let me know what FRONT lift you have as I'm interested if it works..

-- Pirate (, October 25, 2004.

No, that headstock stand won't work because the MV (and Ducatis) doesn't have a hole. For that type of stand you'd have to get the "crank up" one that Ferracci has.

That Pit Bull rear stand that converts between spools on the swingarm and the round barrel actually on the stand would be a nice substitution for the stand you ordered from Ferracci I think.

The next question I have is Pit Bull says they have these rear stands for regular sport bikes (ie big ass rear wheels) and "vintage" bikes which are narrow. It would be cool if the wide one worked because then the stand would remain useful for other bikes. If you must use the narrow one... Well... Security is a good thing, but I'd probably wait and spend less for the one from Ferracci.

-- Andy Ruhl (, October 25, 2004.

I noticed that there is a front and rear stand on the MV Special Parts website. Just wondering if anyone has purchased these. If so, do they work well and what is the cost? Part #'s as follows. Rear Stand SPG0005005, Front Stand SPG0005004.

-- John (, October 26, 2004.

you could try one of these.... its a centre stand working off the swing arm pivot, supposedly very easy to use with the advantage being you buy the stand only once then different pivot attatchents depending on what bike you want to lift. the stand costs abot 90

-- iain (, October 31, 2004.

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