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Castro breaks knee, arm in fall

Fidel Castro, Cuba's 78-year-old leader, has fractured a knee and an arm after he tripped and fell at the end of a televised public speech. The government confirmed the injuries in a statement, adding: "His general health is good, and spirits excellent."

The tumble came at the end of a speech in Santa Clara, and Mr Castro later appeared to say he was "in one piece".

There is frequent speculation on the island about the health of Mr Castro, who fainted at a rally three years ago.

A medical examination on Thursday confirmed Mr Castro had broken his left knee and suffered a hairline fracture on his upper right arm, the Associated Press quoted the official statement as saying.

'Distressed' audience

Mr Castro was sweating profusely as he sought to reassure his supporters shortly after his fall on Wednesday night.

"Please excuse me for having fallen... just so no-one speculates, I may have a fracture in my knee and maybe one in my arm," he said.

"I can speak even if they put me in plaster and I can continue to work," he added.

The Cuban revolutionary leader said he preferred to leave the city in a jeep rather than an ambulance and urged people to continue their programme of events.

Mr Castro had been speaking at the mausoleum where the remains of fellow revolutionary Che Guevara are kept.

He delivered a one-hour speech to mark a graduation of arts instructors.

When he fell, some of those among the audience of 30,000 broke into tears, a Reuters correspondent reports.

Tin từ BBC News ngày 21/10/2004

Ông nụi này mà đi theo chầu bác Lê, bác Sít-Ra-Ta-Clean thì CS chỉ còn lại 3 nước tàn dư cuối cùng, và dân Cuba theo Tư Bản sẽ đở khổ hơn.

-- Bỏ4 (, October 22, 2004


Vay la them 1 thang Congsan Sup do roi on chua' tieu diet bon chung ''

-- Fuck You Chi Bua.... (vietnam congsan nuoi-heo nhieu qua thui' ', October 22, 2004.

Oh, poor Fidel Castro, well 78 years old stand without cane is brave man . US should send a wheelchair for Castro to show the respect to some guys who threat US in 1963 . US always respected his enemy as usual. Thanks for the news , my boy Bo4.

-- chi-bua (, October 22, 2004.

Cm ơn anh chi-bua đ quan tm, nhưng nếu Mỹ m gửi xe lăn tới th chỉ sợ c hng triệu cc loại vũ kh tự pht nổ, tự hủy diệt siu nhỏ để make sure ng Fidel c ngồi xuống được m khng c đứng dậy được m thi.

-- Jubinell (Jube@Jube.Jube), October 22, 2004.

Đ bảo rồi m khng chịu nghe . Thằng gi Fidel Castro lợi dụng nước ta đi khổ nn p nước ta nhập cảng chu ngoan bc Hồ để chng n si ,bc Hồ Chết Xnh giận qu nn nắm gi n cho n t gy ci "bu- ri" nhờ thằng ny theo "tổ Mắc " nn tổ chỉ cho gy ci chn thi .

Lo Fidel Castro h va .

-- thich du thu (, October 22, 2004.

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