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We are looking for good quality gourmet coffee for import to Canada. Trevor Bereck Box 916 Port McNeill British Columbia, Canada V0N2R0 courier packages go to the office 102-2593 Kincome Place Port McNeill Please send labeled samples with a price bid and relevant info to supply us.

-- trevor bereck (, October 21, 2004


We are a marketing arm for coffee arabica for a major exporter from Ethiopia. You will be recieving some samples within few days.

Basha Mawi

-- Basha Mawi (, October 21, 2004.

I have an excellent quality Cerrado high grown 100% arabica that I will send you a sample of. What size sample do you require to roast for proper sampling? This is from Araguari, Brazil from Minas Gerais. This is a premium bean and I have a good supply for any quantity you would need. Thank you for your interest.

-- Leilani Patel (, November 02, 2004.

Hey Ironbrew:

could you discribe the charictor of you Cerrado? For me I am a coffee roaster in Virginia and may be interested in it.


-- Al Welker (, November 06, 2004.

There is a fantastic roaster in North Idaho. Contact Doma. --I think that is the website. We have used them commercially and I have never tasted better coffee~

-- Bob Nelson (, November 15, 2004.

In response to the inquiry about the character of our Cerrado - When roasted as espresso it produces an absolutely beautiful crema. Otherwise it has a light, nutty, touch of sweetness character. The darker roast has a full flavor - never bitter.

Thank you for asking!

-- Leilani Patel (, November 30, 2004.

Hi, I have good quality authentic pure Colombian gourmet coffee, hand harvested and selected, available for immediate delivery. It comes in 250 gr. bags. For pricing please contact me by e-mail. Thanks

-- Aldo Campodonico (, January 25, 2005.

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