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Has anyone used the roaster from ? And any opinions? Thanks!

-- Lori K (, October 20, 2004


I use a very similar roaster from Sonofresco. You can learn more about that one at In all honesty, my roaster has been nothing but a little work horse and has never given me any problems. I use it daily in my shop and carry it to a local farmers market on weekends and it has never failed me.

Jeff Lowe

-- Jeff Lowe (, October 20, 2004.

Thanks Jeff,

Do you own the roaster outright now, or do you continue to buy their green beans? I had looked at - but would like to be able to source the green beans myself for cost and variety reasons. Thanks!

-- Lori K (, October 20, 2004.

I own the roaster outright. However, I don't think coffeekinetcs requires you to purchase their beans unless you want to. I use a local wholesaler.

Jeff Lowe

-- Jeff Lowe (, October 26, 2004.

I own one of their roasters and used it to roast all of the coffee in my coffee house for nine months. I would recomend getting a larger machine for commercial purposes.

Positives.. the machine works great and need minimal ventilation. It is fairly safe as long as you keep it clean and chaffe free. Great tasting coffee. Negatives... Does not provide a consistent roast unless each part is kept VERY clean. The slightest variation will effect the roast. Parts are very expensive. You will outgrow this roaster.

I use mine for a back-up and will be selling it soon.

Good luck!


-- (, October 27, 2004.


My neme is Markus. I'm seven years old. I'm not allowed to drink coffee until I turn 18. But looking forward to it.

To your question: monster coffee roaster is kind of rough at least in regions where water is hard. I suggest using only 75-80 percent of manufacturers suggested rations. Also, coffee made creates parkacid within, this being also related to region and landwater used. Coffee remains drinkable 18minutes max.

All out of milk and cookies,


-- Markus Viskaali (, November 17, 2004.

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