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Anyone have experience with the Virus Rowing Boats? The one I am considering has a sliding rigger vs the sliding seat. I have rowed with the traditional sliding seat only. Thanks for any input,,,,Diane

-- Diane O'Neal (, October 20, 2004



I have rowed a Virus demo boat that Urs brought up to Connecticut. We went out into Long Island Sound. The Virus versus the Alden 16 was much easier to row, more stable and faster. The Virus cut right thru the chop. My stomach muscles got a good work out because I wasn't used to sitting and letting my arms stretch. The seat is very comfortable because it is more a chair shape than a sliding seat.

I couldn't think about what I was doing or I would get confused but when I just went thru the motions of rowing a sliding seat, the Virus took off.

I have an Alden 16 now and am still looking at the Virus for an open water shell. I might go for a MAAS 24 solely for the speed of a longer boat since I row 10 to 20 miles at an outing and also want to be able to race it in regattas. Of course, in white caps I wouldn't be out in a MAAS 24 but would have no problem taking out a Virus.

Hope this helps.


If you have any questions, call them and ask for Urs, the owner, a very knowledgable Engineer.

Check their website at

-- Bill Russell (, October 29, 2004.

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