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We have an express evans (now part of Otis)fitted hydraulic lift requiring new doors. Called Otis, who sent two men to measure up and give us some options. Not heard a tap since 8th Sept 04 no quote or anything (wasted 2 hours of my time). I am looking for any company in the north of England who will come and give us a quote for a refurb on our lift doors. We require doors replacing including hangars and all the relevant safety features bringing up to spec.

-- Ian Mustoe (, October 20, 2004


Try Britannic Lift Company, Keithley, Tel:01535 600066 or, and I don't work for them!

-- Russ (, October 20, 2004.

Also try Ace Elevators 01535 602239 for A Yorkshire company or Advance Lifts in Wigan, there is also Breakell Lifts in Blackburn if you are East of the Pennines

-- geooff judge (, October 21, 2004.

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