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Me and my husband(US citizen)have been married nearly three years, and we are waiting for the green card interview. We decided to live separately for a few months, even though we will not be completely separated. We will sign at tleast one of the leases jointly, as at the end of this time we will probably move back together anyway, and we will use the same maling address. If we get called for an interview while we are separate and we are honest about our living situation what would the outcome be? Would it be simpler to tell them we live together (our marriage is real and we have pictures and tax returns and leases to prove it) Thanks for the help

-- Vera Derido (papercat12@yahoo.com), October 19, 2004


Go to the interview, be honest about everything, and have lots of documentation. As long as you are not legally separated or divorced the case should be approved. The key question is whether you marraige was valid and well-intended at inception, NOT whether everything is fine now. It would be very wise to have an attorney accompany you to the interview.

-- Michael Boyle (info@immigrantcenter.com), October 20, 2004.

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