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My husband and I have a Sedgwick Residential Elevator in our home. Our home was built in 1938. We are looking to sell this wonderful piece of history. The elevator is in excellant condition. Please email me if you are interested with any questions you may have. We need to sell it as soon as possiable. Thanks alot and God bless! Kim Spencer

-- Kim Spencer (, October 19, 2004


Hi Kim,

I'm surprised to find an encouraging entry like yours on the internet that is not four years old! All to say, if you're serious about moving a vintage elevator we're looking for one but not sure what it entails. Please email!

Yours truly,

Brad Palmer

-- Brad Palmer (, November 28, 2004.

Statement: I have a Sedgwick dumbwaiter which was damaged by Hurricane Ivan, September 16, 2004. I'm interested in learning about Sedgwick dumbwaiters. Are they still made? Do you have any email or postal addresses for the Sedgwick Company?

-- Brenda Goebel (, December 13, 2004.

hello-i am looking for a home elevator---do you still have one for sale/ thank you brenda

-- brenda king (, December 31, 2004.

I believe Sedgewick is out of business. They were here in Poughkeepsie N. Y. We here at the Poughkeepsie library are looking for a motorized dumbwaiter. Our manual dumbwaiter is over 60 years old. W. SIEMON

-- William Siemon (, February 14, 2005.

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