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I have a elevator equipment room that has a roof drain and storm piping running in it. Probably a first of it's kind. It is a two story building that was originally designed first floor retail, second floor offices. It was then changed to make the second floor Retail. There is a parking garage next to the back side of the building so the buildings second floor was offset 10' to make an outside walkway to allow common access to all the Retail tenants from the parking garage. This then required drains in the walk way. Snow and Rain issues. And, Murphy being the guy he is, a drain was placed right above the elevator equipment room.

This drain and piping will be a major cost to relocate.

The elevator equipment room does not currently have a ceiling.

I feel the solution is to install a fire rated ceiling or soffit (above 7') around the piping and comply with ASME 17. We are also thinking about installing a drain pan, S.S. under the piping to protect the room from any possible leaks.

I am also struggling on a complete intrepretation because I do not have a complete copy of ASME 17.

I would love and thoughts or comments.


-- Larry Thomas (, October 19, 2004


You can simply install a lowered ceiling and hide it provided you have at least 7 feet of clear headroom. A very wise decision is to install a deflector pan between the lowered ceiling and the drain just in case something goes wrong in a few years down the road.

-- Brian (, October 19, 2004.

my personal preference would be to relocate the drains, if this is too expensive, then the drop ceiling and drain pans are your best altenative. however, make sure they are very big drain pans capable of handling any circumstance. a major leak of the drains under very rainy conditions may cost you much more than the price of relocating the drain lines.

-- big joe (, February 12, 2005.

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