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I have a question from a friend I am trying to help

She came from the Caribbean to the U.S. for the first time on a visitor visa in 1993. She would visit the U.S. each year until 1995 when she stayed and worked without proper papers. In 1997 when she went back to her country, the embassy denied her application for renewal of the visa, and cancelled what was left on that visa, without prejudice. She somehow made her way back here and has been living and working here illegally since.

I would very much like to help her because she has tried so hard to better her life. I have watched her beat the odds and graduate from college, all while doing menial work. She deserves better.

My question is this: What can be done for her? She has a bachelor's degree but cannot get any good work because of her status. She is a good person. She works very hard in her church and community, and even files taxes?????

She has not disclosed how she got back to the U.S. so I don't know if that is important. I heard some people use other people's passport, sometimes people come through Canada...whatever the case can you please tell me something that could help her case?

Thank you very much.

--Donna Noble

-- Donna Noble (, October 18, 2004


It makes a huge amount of difference how she entered. Both crossing the border illegally and entering with a fraudulent passport raise very significant problems. If anything can be done, it would be complicated. She would definitely need to meet with a good immigration lawyer or a qualified agency before taking any action.

-- Michael Boyle (, October 20, 2004.

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