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Hom nay tui ranh nen ghe qua ca'i pho` nay 1 chu't siu. Da.o na`y 5@lo^`i la'u ca' ra ma(.t ha?, cu nhu 101% con chau Bac Ho chet dich, con thang cha chi bua gia ko nen net, muon la`m cac chu ba tau, ko muon lam dan dda'nh ca' phuoc tinh an thit cho nua ha?, thay han muon lam pilot nhu thang ca tung NCK loa.i pilot rom. Dao nay con co Jube an noi hay bop meo su thiet. Con may bac KSBH, NBD,TDDT,NCN,HCMDT,CNADD,CTHN, WilsonBeng,....van nam dzung tay sung and fire at will at those guys wearing pitch hats and wearing rubber tire sandals. Long live VNCH, Freedom and Decmocracy for Viet Nam. Down with Uncle Ho and CHXHCN ba sao. Down with 5@ loi cu, chi bua an dog meat.

-- (, October 16, 2004

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