IAF pilots test skills against USAF , F-15 Vs Su-30

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It is interesting to read this article, the USAF 15C did not fly with V2 Radar that can be able to detect Su-30 at at least minimum 100 nautical miles and the V2 Radar's FCS can direct and engage multiple Su-30 with BVR AIM-120C.

The USAF F-15C Team agreed to Indian Air Marshall to fly and engage Mig-21, Mig-27 Strike package with Mig-29, Mirage-2000I and Su-30 Air cover. 4 F-15 fought in mock air combat at close range by AIM-9X with new Helmet Mounted Sight Off Bore sight shooting or point and shoot, agaisted 12 Migs and Su-30.


IAF pilots test skills against USAF

Josy Joseph in Gwalior | February 25, 2004 19:17 IST Last Updated: February 25, 2004 20:58 IST

As American F-15 fighters sliced through the blue sky of Gwalior in the company of India's Russian-made Sukhoi-30s, they smashed yet another wall of suspicion between the superpower and the South Asian giant.

The air forces of the two countries are holding their first ever joint air combat exercise, which began on February 16, in 40 years in the background of taboos and secrets on both sides.

The exercise kicked off a new chapter in the booming defence relations between the two countries, following a sharp improvement in bilateral ties.

"This has been a beginning for us. We have had no such exposure to the US Air Force," says Air Marshal Ajay Bhavnani, the senior officer of the Central Air Command who is directing the almost two-week long exercise.

Planned over two years back and worked to the smallest detail, the exercise gave the US Air Force its first exposure to the Sukhoi-30s, the latest fighter jet to roll out of the aviation factories of Russia.

Either side is not disclosing the exact capabilities and range of their fighters. Indian pilots and other personnel did get to take a good look at the F-15C Eagles but only at designated times while American pilots got to fly on the trainer version of the Sukhois.

American pilot Captain Dave Skalicky considers himself lucky to be among the first batch of USAF pilots to get to fly in the SU-30. "It is a very good plane, very large, with very good capability," he said.

But the IAF did not allow US personnel access to the SU-30 MKI, the more modern version of the fighter aircraft that contains several key avionics developed indigenously by India.

US gained easy access to Russian-made fighters after the collapse of the communist government there, but the Sukhoi-30 has been made available almost exclusively to India. Even the Russian Air Force got a full squadron of the new generation SU-30s only about a year back.

On the first day, Skalicky and his American buddies, along with their Indian counterparts flew over the Taj Mahal, caught a glimpse of the Himalayas before returning to Gwalior, where India's three Mirage 2000 squadrons are based.

Over the past few days, fighters of the two air forces practiced multi-target interception and attack, protection of high value assets and offensive counter air versus defensive counter air missions.

Sometimes, it was the USAF vs IAF, at other times the rivals comprised pilots from both sides with one group protecting territory against incoming 'enemy' fighters.

Lieutenant Colonel Mark Henkel is leading the six F-15Cs, which are part of an American squadron based in Alaska. His team flew into India from Singapore where they were conducting exercises for two weeks.

The Commanding Officer of the Indian squadron Wing Commander S K Jha said his pilots did not find their US counterparts to be 'much different' on a professional basis "but obviously the US is at the cutting edge of technology."

Air Marshal Bhavnani says the aims and objectives of the exercise have been achieved and a large number of Indian pilots - who fly SU-30s, Mirage 2000s, MiG-21 Bison, MiG-27 and MiG-29 fighters - got unprecedented exposure to the US fighters.

The IAF admits the USAF is technologically advanced but claims its pilots can match the latter's on a tactical basis. Says Wing Commander Jha, whose Battleaxe squadron is believed to one be the finest in India, "Pilots all over the world are the same. Everybody has some mission to achieve and the results are there to see. Everybody trains truthfully for it."

-- (Cn_Ngố_n-Dải-Dt@BBP.govt), October 15, 2004


F-15Es broke the formation for landing

-- (Cn_Ngố_n-Dải-Dt@BBP.govt), October 15, 2004.


Indian Su-30MK

-- (Cn_Ngố_n-Dải-Dt@BBP.govt), October 15, 2004.

-- (Cn_Ngố_n-Dải-Dt@BBP.govt), October 15, 2004.

you post thieu khuc duoi cua nguoi ta ?

-- bi dai (Lời ku cứu khẩn cấp@vietnamcongsans.com), October 15, 2004.


-- INDIAN A.F Mirage-2000C and Mig-29 (Cn_Ngố_n-Dải-Dt@BBP.govt), October 15, 2004.


-- F-15C , F-15E and Mig-29 (Cn_Ngố_n-Dải-Dt@BBP.govt), October 15, 2004.
Ch Ngố cũng c vẻ thch tm hiểu my bay nhỉ, ni chung jetfighter của Nga v Mỹ mỗi loại c 1 ưu điểm ring, kh phn biệt hơn km. Nga mạnh hơn hẳn về thiết kế, tnh ổn định v dễ điều khiển, Mỹ th mạnh hơn về cng nghệ v vũ kh. Nếu đnh trực diện tầm gần th của Nga ngon hơn, nếu tấn cng từ xa th Mỹ tin cậy hơn.

-- (thoidi@khongcainhau.org), October 15, 2004.

It later turned out that F-15s were defeated more than 90% of the time in the exercises of direct combats, the most formidable enemies were Su-30K flanker and Mig-21Bison. Unbelievable!! F-15 Eagle is now considered outdated and will soon be replaced with F-22 Raptor.


-- ((@\./@)), October 15, 2004.

It is not a true mock air combat for USAF, they are there to join the cope thunder excercise with Indian Air Force USAF use 4 F-15C Eraly Model with V1 Radar and FCS added new HMS and AIM9X all purpose off bore sight firing at dog fight range without AWACS. The Idian AF used 12 Migs and Su-30Mk plus Mirage 2000. There is no doubt the outcome of the simulated battle. USAF has not reveal their tactic yet.

-- (Cn_Ngố_n-Dải-Dt@BBP.govt), October 15, 2004.

IAF used GCI Radars and A-50 Mainstay Airborne Early Warning so IAF had all the advantage and head uo information.

-- (Cn_Ngố_n-Dải-Dt@BBP.govt), October 15, 2004.

them cai

-- Nong bi''Dai"" (vietnamcongsans@yahoo.com), October 15, 2004.

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