RG3,Casolli or Ferracci ?

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Hello, everyone. is anyone knows about pipe for 2002 f4s? right now, I'm riding with Ferraci pipe, and i have new casoli (i haven't try this yet), and someone told me RG3 is best. so I'm thinkong to get RG3 and anyway I'm going to get Power Commander,too. anyone help me which pipe is best?

-- kkasai (katsumikasai@cs.com), October 15, 2004


I am riding Casoli muffler and PCIII. The dyno session and remapping using PCIII made huge difference to the bike. Only gained in approx. 5HP (118.1 to 123.4HP) but it was throughout almost all the rev range and throttle response and smoothness were much improved. Are the Ferracci pipes same as Sil Motor? I would be interested in seeing the result from dyno session and PCIII with Ferraci pipes if you do it. DO you experience poor low rev throttle response and snatchy fuelling? The Casoli pipes are loud but apparently not as loud as Sil Motor. From what everyone has told me the best setup is RG3 but sound not as good as Casoli. If you want to see the dyno chart of my casoli and PCIII e-mail me off-site and I'll e-mail you the chart as attachment.

-- Takis Markatos (loms-ltd@ntlworld.com), October 15, 2004.

I have the RG3 and the Power Commander. I'm happy with it.

-- Brett (DocBDH@aol.com), October 15, 2004.

Has anyone used a power commander with the stock exhaust? Does it provide any improvement - I suspect it would but perhaps not as much as with a pipe.

-- Bill (rgsnumber19-general@yahoo.com), October 16, 2004.

Bill, Pirate posted some pretty comprehensive comments on the PC3 mounted on a stock bike at the mvagustamadness forum, look under the experiences section. It did help his bike some but was not a magical HP maker, it basiclly just cleaned up some flat spots in the power curve.

My bike is still stock at this point and I'm planning on buying one, and eventually a set of FBF pipes as well. I personally believe it's a better alternative to installing a preburned chip for the obvious reason that it allows you to adjust the variables and dial the bike in.

-- Eric (rzv500r@aol.com), October 16, 2004.

Eric, PCIII can only adjust fueling. Does the chip also control other parameters (such as timing, etc.) that are not affected by adding PCIII. If so is there a benefit in using an aftermarket chip (e.g. RG3 or similar) and then connect PCIII and adjust during dyno session? Have asked a lot of people this question and have not yet had a conclusive answer.

-- Takis Markatos (loms-ltd@ntlworld.com), October 17, 2004.

Spoke to Casoli today and they told me that their pipes were much better than the RG3 option (well they would,wouldn't they). The guy at Casoli said that the RG3 pipes still contain a lot of baffling whereas the Casoli mod of the standard pipes removes 2 out of 3 stages of the baffles. Has anybody any experience of both Casoli and RG3 pipes ? I've just ordered the F4 1000 and will probably sort the pipes and a Power Commander when the bike is run in. Cheers

-- Martin Gaudion (magaudion@cwgsy.net), January 25, 2005.

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