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I am not a piano teacher, but I am a proficient classically trained pianist. I would like my 8-year-old son to learn piano before playing a band instrument, but we can't afford lessons at this point. I would like to try and teach him for the first year. Am I making a mistake?

If I teach him, where do I start? Can you recommend a good book series?

Thanks, Nancy

-- Nancy Brokaw (, October 13, 2004


You're not necessarily making a mistake, but I have an idea for you. Why not pay for two or more hours of lesson time for yourself with a piano teacher who can give you an exact program? Then start teaching one or two students privately in addition to your son so that you have more money. Then soon after, send your child to the piano teacher.

There is a lot a piano teacher can give your child besides music knowledge. For instance, his approach to life or the way he asks your son questions to get him thinking. Or perhaps the way she listens patiently to your son. You will see this more poignantly when you teach a few other children.

Good luck!

-- Anita (, October 15, 2004.

I am doing the same thing with my four year old. Because he is only four, I'm OK with it, but I think that if he were a few years older, I'd send him to a private teacher. As I sit there at the piano with him and he goofs around, I get aggravated because I know full well how much potential he has. A private teacher would look at him differently. If he goofed around, anyone else could say, "Ok, it's time to work now." From me, that doesn't work. I think I'm harder on him too, which isn't necessarily good. A private teacher could be completely objective without any emotions attached. Finally, I think there is something to be said for the bond that is created between the teacher and student.

Good luck!

-- Kristen Brown (, November 02, 2004.

My own piano teacher had the same problem, her little daughter wants to start piano (about 4 years old i think). According to my teacher, it's best to send your child to a private teacher, since the relationship between a teacher and his student is more important than the skill of the teacher. She said she will help her daughter if she has any problems at home, but as far as teaching is concerned she will not teach her.

-- Inbar (, January 23, 2005.

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