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We need a supplier that can ship to the Mid East and Asian market. Mostly premiume coffees, annual requirement over 50,000 KG.

If interested, respond,

-- Sher Khan (, October 13, 2004


Dear Sir,

I can ship 5T of roasted Arabica FW AA and A every 2 weeks, in ground and unground form. In 250g and 500g flavour sealed packaging. from Central Africa.

"Burundi AA [27/02/0028] Tastes of strong black tea and tobacco... with an aroma that suggests bitter orange or bergamot. [Earl Gray coffee?] Its winey tones are a bit of a surprise 'til you realize its origins lie just next door to Kenya geographically. Medium bodied, most of its mouthfeel comes from its tea-like astringency. This coffee has a strong presence. Slightly musty undertones [not unpleasant really, think of monsooned coffees -- but without the head-filling numbness] and finishes with a bit of milk chocolate [a la Hershey's... with a bit of sourness to it.] This coffee could make for a superbly complex addition to an espresso blend. For brewed coffee, I'd recommend a press to bring out a bit more of its body, and to keep its acidity in check."


Attila Barath Comodex International 3rd Floor Mutual Place, Rivonia Boulevard, Rivonia, Johannesburg South Africa. Tel: +27-11-803-0108, Fax: +27-11-807-6997 Mobile: +27-82-442-5082

-- Attila Barath (, October 14, 2004.

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