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One of the first reviews I read about the Brutale while I was still in the pondering stage, wrote that the reviewers license plate was tarnished with exhaust soot by the end of the time spent with his Brutale.

Having owned one for three months now I can attest to this situation. Not only does my license plate become mucked up but so does my right turn signal and even the back of my riding jacket. I've noticed that exhaust heat definitely backdrafts onto my entire back so obviously its not just heat but soot as well that is traveling backwards onto my jacket. The bike does not burn excessive oil nor does the exhaust ever produce any noticeable smoke.

Do other Brutale owners experience the same thing? Do F4 owners experience this? Could it be a function not only of the backdrafting effect but also the semi-synthetic oil I use? (which is to MV Specs, BTW)

-- Tom Solimine (, October 13, 2004


Should'nt that be Fully Synthetic 10/60?? F4 750 was a bit sooty but not that bad, my F4 1000 is as clean as a whistle,even without the cat. Don't Brutale's only do about 25mpg?---that could be the answer-it's got to go somewhere

-- mike (, October 13, 2004.

My dealer said the oil is semi-synthetic 10/60 (Motul). You're right about the Brutale being a gas guzzler......I only wish I got 25 mpg. Never seen better than 22.5

And yeah, makes sense it would then run sooty. Just wish it didn't backdraft back onto me and the bike.

-- TOm Solimine (, October 13, 2004.

The only thing I have noticed is if I let the bike warm up for too long when cold a little condensate spits out the exhaust. No sign of soot or any discolouring of the rear of the bike. As for fuel economy I have changed to a 15T front sprocket and while I have not done any accurate fuel figures, I fill up on par with mates on litre japanesse bikes.

-- brad smith (, October 13, 2004.

The raised issue on the Brutale is caused by excessive fuel consumption due to a very poor mapping of the motormanagement.

I heard rumours that MV is aware if this problem and will send out a new chip.

I know several dealers who were able to solve the problem by replacing the chips by an own mapping. The Brutale should consume the same as a F4 this means 6 to 7 liters per 100 km.



-- Patrick (, October 15, 2004.

I have had the same problem. My plate is turning brown and the back of my bice also turns a brown color. I have a 2002 F4 Diamante. My dealer has no answer for me. That sh!t is hard to get off!!!

-- brian (, October 15, 2004.

That sounds like a mapping issue to me. I have a Factory Pro EC997a eddy-current brake dyno with a 4-gas EGA. If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, I'd love to help you resolve the problem.

-- Derek Capito (, October 17, 2004.

Hi Guys! The Brutale is well known for its fuel consumtion. The unburnt Gas sprays all over the rear end of the bike. On my Brutale a Dynojet Powercommander III is fitted, without excessive Tuning on the Map. Just reducing the fuel consumption. Itīs working like before, but consuming a 3L/100kms less. Now itīs running with 8L/100kms. Itīs just a Prototype but Dynojet is working on a final version of the PC USB and a final mapping. I guess it will be available Jan. 2005.

Itīs worth waiting!

Regards, Arne

-- Arne Beitlich (, October 18, 2004.


How is this prototype Power Commander III different from the one that DynoJet already sells for the Brutale? I looked on their website and DynoJet makes a Power Commander III specifically for the Brutale at a cost of $332.00.


-- Tom Solimine (, October 19, 2004.

Yes, itīs the new PC that Dynojet made for the Brutale.

Rgrds,A rne

-- Arne Beitlich (, December 01, 2004.

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