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I did the exhaust mod that was discribed in a earlier post. Why does it not sound any dif.? are you suppose to take out the baffles as well as the packing? Any help would be great.

-- brian (, October 13, 2004


What mod did you do?

-- Cali-Kane (, October 13, 2004.

I took the rivets out pulled the tips off and removed the packing from each tip.

-- brian (, October 13, 2004.

That will do very little.... You actually have to get into the main cans and remove the baffles from Casoli do, to get a big note change.


-- Pete Hughes (, October 14, 2004.

I tried the same mod with the same result.Did the casoli exchange system. They sent me the a modified exhaust and it is the dogs wotsits. Just send them your old exhaust by return 375 all in. They were a pleasure to deal with. Beware its loud

-- Bernie watkin (, October 14, 2004.

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