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CAc bac biet khong,cong san ho hao:"CAc dong chi,hay bat tay xay dung la thien dang tren mat dat!".The roi moi nguoi bat tay xay dung XHCN bang dong gach vun va vo dan AK sau chien tranh.Tat nhien la xay hoai ma khong xong.The roi co may dua xau mieng(em khong noi moc gi cac bac cong hoa dau day!) noi la lam dech gi xay dung duoc cai "thien dang" tren mat dat ay duoc.------- Trong khi do chua Jesu noi:"Cac con cua ta,cu chet di roi se duoc len thien dang voi ta!".The la dech thang nao dam cai,boi cai thi Chua se noi:"May cu chet di roi se biet!" ----------Vay ma cong san lai chang hoc duoc gi tu Chua ca,dang le cong san phai noi"Cac dong chi cu xay dung di,den khi chet thi se duoc len thien dang XHCN!",vay co hay hon khong. Hinh nhu cong san co gang xay thien dang tren mat dat,vay la Max canh tranh lo lieu voi Jesu roi,hen gi nha tho hay huc hac voi Dang the,cac bac nhi!

-- @@@.@@ (@@@.@@), October 13, 2004


du hast so wenig Tasse im Schrank ....hieu ko ??

-- BACLIEU 2002 ( paltalk) (, October 13, 2004.

Five pig eyes, You are twisting the bilbe again. Jesus himself did not say thing as such. His gospel to people is : If you beleive in him you will be bless.....He also said a richman can not get through the heaven gate that easy, even thought it is wide open. Incontrast, A camel can get to heaven even though the gate is narros as the needle threat hole. I normal language it means A rich man who did not do the good deed on earth by sharing his well trough charities when he die he could not take all the moneys with him and he violate the principle of the teaching it means he has no faith. In reality, the Vitnamese Communist officials at low and high ranking are practicing stealing the moneys from national funds and reasources for their own use and abandoning the poor people in helpless conditions.

Bealive in Jesus and his teaching you can find peace on earth / heaven. Look at the Western culture, it is based on Christianity beleif, that why they open door tom accept the refugees who are oppressed by their own government and these first world countries have built and refined the government to serve the needs of the population to build a heaven on earth. Incontrast Cummism is a fart have a lot of flaws when it is apllying to life and Chinese N.Korean, Vietnamese comunist and cuban as one of the example. The living condition is so unbareable. Over the year many Chineses tried to by their way to live in the West, especially USA. This testimony tell you which country has the best system in the world. Russia and Eastern Europe try to emulate on the success if the Western World.

Why, Muslumm Estrimmist and Vietnamese Communist and others a like try to reverse the process because of the narrow mninded leaders wish their people livew under control and fear. That why , Communist hate Christianity particular Protestant because it is loosely conrolled and the Government can not control the church easily as Catholics or Budddist religion.

Friends of mine have been to Vietnam Since 1978 and on we know a lot about Vietnam living condition and the normal people how they live, probaly you don't kbow much how Christian organizatuion have worked to improve the living condition in Vietnam. Ask you government for detail.

-- (, October 13, 2004.

CHXHCN đâu biết Chúa Phật Ônbg Bà là ǵ ,chúng chỉ biết Bác và đảng thôi .

Cán bộ ăn cá dồ uống rượu tây đi xe ô tô ,chơi đĩ nên lúc nào cũng la to "cám ơn bác Hồ và đảng đă cho chúng em xướng như ngày hôm nay"

Dân Việt ăn bo bo ḿ sợi uống nước giếng,đạp xe đạp nên lúc nào cũng la to "ĐM thằng Hồ Chết X́nh và cái đảng thúi tha v́ chúng mày mà ông khổ".

Cả đến con đĩ tối ngủ c̣n bị mộng mơ :

Đêm qua em mơ gặp bác Hồ .

Khu bác dài mà lại lắm lông .

Em phát rét em t́m khu khác .

Bác mỉm cười lật mẹ em ra .

-- thich du thu (, October 13, 2004.

Lại thêm 1 thằng 'năm lồi' nữa thuộc loại văn dốt lên mặt muốn làm triết gia đem chuyện Marx và Kinh thánh ra bàn luận !!! Nghe nó chói xương th́ thôi !

Chủ thuyết của Marx là vô thần ! C̣n Kinh thánh là hữu thần ! Hai bên như trắng và đen ! Không thể dẫn chứng cái kiểu lạng quạng như năm lồi được đâu !!! Nhà thờ nào mà dám hục hặc với đảng, chỉ bố lếu bố láo !!! Như ông cha Lư, làng Nguyệt Biều ở Huế, mới có treo cái biểu ngữ 'Tự Do Tôn Giáo Hay Là Chết'là đă bị đảng CSVN triệt, đem bỏ tù không xét xử rồi ! Ở đó mà dám hục hặc với đảng ! CSVN c̣n chặn họn các tôn giáo bên VN bằng cách tung ra cái Pháp lệnh đen như giái chó để cấm cản nhân dân tự do hội họp và thờ phượng tại tu gia ! Chắc tại năm lồi học quá nên lồi ...dom mẹ nó rồi , nên chỉ lo chuyên trị bệnh trĩ... thôi, đách biết ǵ hơn !!!

Không biết th́ về học tiếng Đức đi cha nụi !!! Lairai tui có thời bỏ giờ ra đi học thêm tiếng Đức cho vui nhưng thấy khó quá ! Toàn là âm ...ặc...ặc , khặc khặc....cặc cặc...trong cổ họng nghe hông giống ai hết nên bỏ !!! Hèn chi người Việt ḿnh hay nói sủa tiếng Đức !

-- Uống Rượu là con Ngọc Hoàng (, October 13, 2004.

Jesus is a cunt ...that's all ..nothing 2 say ..

-- Penis (, October 13, 2004.

Want to hear the reason behind your saying, Thằng cu ?! I am not sober yet.

-- Uống Rượu là con Ngọc Hoàng (, October 13, 2004.

CAc bac lam roi,cs nhu mot thu ton giao vay.No bat moi nguoi tho Max cung nhu giao hoang bat moi nguoi tho Jesu.Ton giao cung gay chien tranh,nhu cac cuoc thap tu chinh chang han.Ton giao cung dua may thang chong doi len gian thieu,trong do co nhieu thang lam khoa hoc ma cac bac xach dep cung khong theo kip dau.Noi chung Jesu cung nhu Max vay,co dieu may cai thuyet cua Jesu duoc xay dung ca 2000 ngan nam roi,nhoi so con nguoi nhieu hon thuyet cua cong san,nen duoc tin nhieu hon.Ngoai ra Jesu con xi cho xay thien dang tren troi,Max khong con cho nen phai xay duoi mat dat,the la bi nhieu thang cuoi vao mat.Cac bac cu de cho chu nghia Max phat trien coi,the nao cung co ngay no bat moi nguoi cam on Max truoc moi khi an,thay vi cam on ong ba cha me day!

-- (@@@.@@), October 14, 2004.

Em nghe noi hinh nhu Jesu thieu nguoi phu le nha tho tren thien dang,nen sai khung bo den Beslan bat vai tram mang con nit len cho Chua sai bao,phai vay khong cac bac?

-- (@@@.@@), October 14, 2004.

Hehe.khong hieu cai thien dang cua Jesu dep co nao ma sao khong thay giao hoang chiu ve voi CHua nhi?Gia ca roi ma van tham quyen co vi nhu lao Huong "tong thong hut" cua CH luc truoc vay.Nhin ti vi,thay giao hoang phat biu truoc dan chung,ca chuc phut moi ran ra duoc mot cau,lam cac con chien dung duoi troi nang ngap sai ca quai ham!

-- (@@@.@@), October 14, 2004.

Once upon a time (not too long ago) there was a very religious man living a very righteous life. Everybody around him praised him for his simple goodness but he still led a very humble life.

One day there was a flood so phenomenal that national emergency was declared, everybody took up their most valuable belongings and moved out of the town. This very righteous man did not stir. He remained in his humble house going through his humble servitude like ever before.

A soldier from the army passed by and ask him: Sir! Why aren't you moving out? This whole place will be flooded in a couple of days, to which the man replied: I have total faith in the lord. He, not you, will save me. Upon hearing this the soldier shrugged his shoulders and leaves.

The next day the flood began its rampage. Within a morning the water level was knee deep. Some more soldiers passed by and implored him to leave, saying that it will soon be too late. To this he remained dogged.

The next day the water was chest-deep. The soldiers rowed in on a boat and shouted up to man to save himself by coming with them.

No answer,

That very same night the water took a wicked rise. By morning it has risen so much that the man has to climb onto his roof. Luckily, a helicopter flew by the next morning and it were the same soldiers who shouted him to come on in. The man shouted back: "A righteous man puts his whole faith in the lord!" and told them to leave him alone. And yes, the helicopter flew away.

The next day the man drowned and died. He went to heaven and met Jesus. He asked him: Lord, why didn't you save me? I was being so loyal to you!

To this the lord replied: my dearest son, I tried and tried, and for three times in a row you rejected me.

--- Most of the times the problem with Christianity is interpretting signals. People say: The voice of God speaks in me. How would they know what that voice is? What if it's that of Satan? Some people shrug and say: it's because the holy spirit lives in you and guides you to make the right decisions. If this is the case, why would they ever have to face a dilemma? Life would be a destination and not a journey.

Some hardcore conservatives then say you have to follow the book, because the book is the "word of god." There are a couple of 2 problems I have with that:

1) How do you know that the bible is actual word of god? Maybe it's been changed. Maybe it's been purposely modified for political and ecumenical reasons. You just can't know. Not all priests are inspired by God when they intepret his words, thus they can be misleading. Galileo once quoted: "The bible teaches us how to go to heaven, not how the heaven goes." And yet the notion of a central earth so skillfully woovened into Christianity by St. Thomas Aquinas stayed untouched, and Galileo was sentenced to house imprisonment, and Giordano Bruno to the stake. Please also remember that the idea of a holy crusade was no where near Jesus's intentions, as a follow- up point.

2) Ok so say we have a magical book that states everything you need to know to go to heaven. Something like the laws of the United States right? If this heavenly law is so much better, why doesn't just supercede the humanly one? Maybe because this "word of god" didn't encompass all that is known as the human destiny, inquiry and uncertainty. Maybe it doesn't get passed because it's defective, because anybody who follows it 100% is a little to close to insanity.

A Christian response to that is that Jesus himself disregards the law passed down to Moses aeons ago. He narrows it down to 10 commandments, (footnote: only two which are really important: the first two (foot-footnote: only one of which is really important: the first one)) which essentially boils down to love your god with your...[a long list] whatever you've got. Christians would say that if I truly trust in the lord, I would know the right thing to do.

THAT LAST RECLAMATION IS NOT JUST BOGUS. And it links back to my first problem: how would you know?

Any christian who wants to shed some light on the subject you are welcomed.

-- Jube (Jube@Jube.Jube), October 14, 2004. !

-- Ho Chi minh Dam tac (vietnam congsan nuoi-heo nhieu qua', October 14, 2004.

Hey ! Jube,Jube,Jube...

I like to throw into your discussion a couple of ideas.

'Life would be a destination and not a journey.' - I choose not to agree on this. Life is a challenging journey that will lead you to a point of destination. It can be a materialistic or spiritual one. The destination will be freely intepreted the way how men choose to believe.

'Jesus himself disregards the law passed down to Moses aeons ago' - I don't agree on this either. Jesus doesn't come to destroy the law that passed down from Moses time. However, He did say: - "I come to perfect the law. I will not even remove a comma or a dot in His law'

The ten commandments have been summarised by Jesus into 2 important ones. Those are : - Love God and - Love your brothers ! This is the core of Jesus 's teaching. Other commandments are there to guide and stop people to commit sins - common laws.

To give you an answer that authenticates the source and origin of the Bible which I believe someone like you has asked before. Feel free to click on the following link to read more. Hope it helps !!!

Xin Bấm vào Link này...

-- Đối Ẩm C̣n Thú Hơn (, October 14, 2004.

Thanks for your reply Đối Ẩm C̣n Thú Hơn. I sense that you're a very responsible individual and, probably, a very dedicated question as well. For your information I was a x-tian for 3 years (not 2 days lol), but 3 years! The reason for my loss of faith was that I never had one, and I just realized maybe I didn't need one. Well it's more complicated than that but let's drop the subject ;)

Back to your point the whole point of Christianity being different from Judaism is that regard of Jesus as a prophet or God. According to x-tians the threesome exists: the father, the son, and the holy spirit. Another point is that x-tianity believes jesus comes to redeem the sinners, descendants of adam and eve, by taking their sins with him on the cross. Seems pretty simple because it is! Your sole qualification is the belief in Jesus! That's it!!! Jesus specifically states that only if you believe in me would the other commandments not matter...only if you believe in me would everything makes sense...only if and only if....

And that's exactly my problem (among many other ones). First of all, it's the scientific question. Let me ask you a hypothetical question:

2 men: both live for 40 years. assume for a sec that the first men was a bloody assassin for his first 20 years, then he converted, and then was a righteous priest for his last 20 years. The second man was the opposite, he was a righteous priest for 20 years, and then lost his faith, and became an assassin for the rest of his life. Now, the big question is: WHO GETS TO GO TO HEAVEN. Jesus's reply is the first man, because he believes in me finally, and all of his sins is forgiven. NOW DON'T TELL ME YOU DO NOT FIND THAT UNFAIR!

I agree with you that life is a journey, because god gives us the choice to fare good or bad. But that's exactly my argument against some x-tian's claims that "the holy spirit" guide them to make the right choice every single time. If this is the case then that's no more different than determinism.

Thanks dude, I enjoy conversating with you,

-- Jube (Jube@Jube.Jube), October 15, 2004.

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