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Christopher Reeve

Dead at 52 Christopher Reeve, the star of "Superman", died Sunday at the age of 52 of heart failure.

Post your thoughts about this actor who taught us always to stay brave in every situation.

-- Ho Chi minh Dam tac (vietnam congsan nuoi-heo nhieu qua', October 11, 2004


-- Ho Chi minh Dam tac (vietnam congsan nuoi-heo nhieu qua thui' ', October 11, 2004.

hey ,stupid Dam -tac, Chu van deo hieu ong -Gioi choi deu ? May muon lam superman thi tao cho may lam handicap. May muon live forever , I will make you die young ! Do la cai tat vao mat nhung ke khinh -bi ngao bang SU-THAT. OK, Reeve goes to hell, don't comeback ! Nhan nhu nhung ten yellow KKK , cac chu khong tra no bay gio thi con -chau cac chu se tra no o the he chung no !

-- chi-bua (, October 12, 2004.

-- Bỏ4 (, October 12, 2004.

Chi-bua noi lon xin noi -lai : Hey Christ Reeve, You're another one bites the dust !

-- chi-bua (, October 12, 2004.

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