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Cambridge is white with decals, good shape, 2000 model. I am the second owner. I bought this scull about 3 months ago and have it outside but covered. Up till then, it was housed in a climate-controlled boathouse.

It was an impulse buy, I really want and need a Talon-type sculling boat or other more stable boat. I am in Baltimore area, will sell for $1200. Will consider trade for more stable single.

-- Nicolette Chartier (, October 11, 2004



-- Les Warner (, October 12, 2004.

The boat price does not include oars. You can get a similar boat at Little River Marine for about $2850 new, or $1500+ used.

-- Nic Chartier (, October 12, 2004.


That's a terrific price, oars or not. If it were closer to Michigan, I'd be trying to send you money right now. BUT, it's too far away for me; I'm not adept at long distance driving .

BTW, what's a Talon?

Good luck.

-- Les Warner (, October 12, 2004.


I was hoping the price would suit someone out there. By the way, I am in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Talon is a boat put out by Ravenworks, with a flat bottom. My thinking is that it is more stable than a traditional scull boat. It is more modestly priced than a scull boat.

Good luck with your boat hunting.


-- Nic Chartier (, October 13, 2004.

boat has been sold

-- Nicolette Chartier (, November 07, 2004.

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