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Any help is appreciated. I can not find any shop with a Ohlins or suitable rear shock. Does any one know who can rebuild the old one and put a heavier spring or any one who would have a better then stock rear shock. It seems Ohlins no longer makes this for the MV. Any help on what would be a good alternative? THANKS Dave

-- Dave Col (, October 11, 2004


Hi Dave, where are you based?

-- Richard Burnett (, October 12, 2004.

try traxxion dynamics or racetech. or visit your local shop.

-- rider (, October 12, 2004.

I found one @ Hard Racing for $1499. I have bought a few things from these guys and I trust them. They can be found @ 20Damp/OhlinsPricing.htm

You might want to also check out Elka. I have a three-way adjustable shock from them on my Race prepped Kawasaki ZX-10R and it is better than the Ohlins. It might also be about $500 less.

Good luck.

01' MVF4S 02' MVF4 1+1 04' ZX-10R

-- Brian Evans (, November 11, 2004.

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