Head of the Weir

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A great fun race in Boston Harbor this coming Saturday. Check out this site: http://www.lifesavingmuseum.org/races/weir.html

-- Gary Piantedosi (gary@rowingrigs.com), October 10, 2004


What a row it was. winds gusting to close to gale force, confused and breaking 3' seas. As Ed McCabe said, "We got out $20.00 worth".


-- Jon Aborn (joneaborn@aol.com), October 18, 2004.

Kudos to the guys and gals of the Northeast for braving Mother Nature and finishing the Head of the Weir race in Hull, Mass. Must have been lots of backslapping and stories during the party in the boathouse after the race WAY TO GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to experience some awesome openwater rowing try some races in New England. See you at the snow row. Paul

-- Paul Neil (roobooboo@aol.com), October 20, 2004.

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