leica m lenses fit r8?

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I have a leica R8 and is searching for a Elmarit 135 2:8 to be my short telelens. I have realised that it is cvery difficult to find one in good shape so I wondered if it is posible to use a M 135 2:8 with an adapter. Does anyone have any experience in this combination and what problems to look ouy for - if possible at all. Thank you.Yours Henrik

-- henrik bro (henrik_bro@yahoo.com), October 10, 2004


It is not possible to mount an M lens w. an adaptor on a R camera (and maintain infinity focus). The other way around is possible, although it only makes sense for wideangle lenses because there would be no rangefinder coupling.

Some M lenses has a removeable head for use on Visoflex. Theoretically there may exist an adaptor which allows for the optical M head to be attached to at R focusing mount, but I have no idea if such a device exist in the real world.

Kind regards


-- Niels H. S. Nielsen (nhsn@ruc.dk), October 11, 2004.

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