I need help!

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Hi My name is Kayla! I have a friend who has 2 boy's ages 6 and 9 . I am 10 years old My friend would like me to teach her 2 boy's piano. I do nat take piano lessons any more. but I play the Entertanier by Scott Joplin, And Fur Elise By Beethoveen. do you have any Ideas that could help me If not do you know of any one who could help me?

Thank you for your time!


-- Kayla (kml@fidmail.com), October 10, 2004


You can state that you are ten years old, and do not feel prepared to teach your friend's children. Then you could suggest that they find a piano teacher through the music store. Good luck.

-- Anita (anitagreenways@hotmail.com), October 15, 2004.

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