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my daughter's husband left her about 7years ago now leaving her with the mortgage she found some-one new who was just as irresponsible as her ex. and having a baby he left, she could not meet the payments and gave the keys back to the Halifax, since then she has had yearly visits from some-one from the collection dept. who ook into her state of affairs and say there is nothing she can do as she is still struggling. Now they have changed debt people and the new people want to know now what kind of a settlement fee she can come up with,how long does this go on for,and why do they not go after her ex. who holds a managerial position,has remarried and has a new mortgage,this is now the 9th year of contact does it go on for the rest of her life?

-- leonie percival (, October 10, 2004


The mortgage code states that no debts are to be pursed by it's members after 6 years. Get her to make a compaint to the lender under the terms of the code.In any event they can't get blood froma stone so why's she worrying. Do they know the ex's address?

-- roger watts (, October 12, 2004.

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