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I have a Haughton model 5 elc controller. In the center of the hoistway after the elevator stops I get a relevel. It is not a big movement ,about a half to 1 inch. I thought maybe I had a high resistance ground in the gen. or motor maybe but I blew them out and it did no good. I cant find any relays hanging up, Bk,LU,LD,Or any of the other power relays. I am kind of leaning towards the patt. gen board but I only have a write up on how to adjust a GMG. I changed the reed switchges in the hoistway just for shits and giggles and this did nothing to help like I figured. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Work Safe brothers. The only ones that will keep us going home to our familys is ourselves.

-- fixalift (, October 09, 2004


Oh thank GOD we finally got rid of the last Haughtons in this town Good luck . Hope you covered the boards and controler up before you blew them out.


-- Richard (, October 13, 2004.

Hi There, Those were state of the art in those days and they still are running. World used to have a replcement program to send in the rack but not sure if they still do. That was a great company in Toledo , went there once, and the 3600 rpm Reliance generators are a real favorite. If you have out of round com it will drive you out of the mr. Email me direct if you still need help. Jim

-- Jim (, October 14, 2004.

Being a Mod. 5 ELC, is this a gearless machine? If so, what size machine, On the relevel, are you dropping LD?. What is the travel? Any type of compensation? Check vane length at floor of relevel. Compare that length with another floor. What was Meg. reading to ground on the loop with the controller disconected?

-- willy (, October 16, 2004.

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