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This debate was important, but it didn’t offer anything for a member of a select party to dissent with from within their own throng. Both Candidates stuck to their guns, not relenting on any of their points. It reinforced strength and faith in the respective members of the democratic and republican parties. Kerry is essentially a far-left liberal, catholic, but doesn’t stress that. But He has certain traits that branch in further towards the right. Not particularly conservative, but closer to it than would be expected. Bush is a hardcore conservative with strong religious convictions, is very assured of his own parties’ choices and ideals, and believes he knows what’s best for their respective parties, and for the American people. I respect each candidate very much, but I’m sure you all know that I do not support George Bush. I, somewhat reluctantly, support Senator Kerry. His ideals sync more with mine, and I believe that our country would be in better shape, both domestically and in respect to foreign relations.

I’m now going to offer some interesting quotes and my feelings from the debates.

Near the beginning, President Bush offered that “He knows how these people think” in respect to his raging unpopularity in Europe. “Sometimes my decisions aren’t very popular, but it was the right thing to do!” I don’t think that any one man can be sure that his decisions are the right thing. They can be the best possible thing, but in our system, offering the right thing is an impossibility.

Kerry “wants to use our allies, to stop proliferation (WMD) in general,” with heavy innuendo to the recent report on the absence of WMD’s. He was trying to liken this to the recent report out of Iraq, and did a decent job, not stressing it too noticeably, just applying a little pressure, like some kind of nervous tic.

Bush responded “Saddam was deceiving the inspectors,” and “It is naÏve and dangerous to let inspectors alone do simply do their jobs” What the hell is that. It’s their JOB! That’s what they do, they inspect. Leave them alone, they are not under your jurisdiction. There job is to uncover the truth.

Moving on to the draft, President Bush stated “THERE IS NO DRAFT.” Therefore, he has assured the American people there is not and never will be a draft. We have to hold him to this, people…

Now, this I thought was funny. After Mr. Kerry stated a point, Mr. Bush cut the moderator off and responded. This isn’t an attack on Bush, It just made me chuckle. A little but of humor never killed anyone.

Moving on, Mr. Kerry said that 95% of the cargo that goes on the cargo holds on airplanes is not inspected, and that the President said that this would cause a tax gap. This is his tax plan. Well put.

Mr. Bush stated that he has increased the homeland security budget thrice. Kerry retorted that it doesn’t matter how much money you pour into it, it’s how you use that money you put into it. The senator does not believe it is being used adequately, and I agree. You need to cut the fat off of this department and use the money more wisely.

On the import of drugs from Canada to the United States, Mr. Bush stated four years ago he would not block such a plan, although he just did. The president then stated he wanted to make sure the drugs were safe before they were accepted and distributed by the U.S. I suppose you can’t argue with that logic. Testing drugs to make sure they’re safe is fine in my book, but if you were only stalling them to make a buck on the side with your big business connections, that’d piss me off.

Kerry moved on to state that the 5.6 trillion dollar surplus Bush was left with was turned into a 1 and some odd trillion dollar deficit, which was more than the spending of all the presidents since George Washington to Ronald Reagan. Ow. Now way explaining that one under the carpet, except to repeat and repeat and repeat “IT’S FOR THE WAR!!”

Apparently, President George W. Bush promised 5.6 million jobs. We have now lost 1.6 million jobs. Another that’s hard to explain away, lest you drift to the classic answer, I.E., “It’s for the war!!”

Then, at the request of an Audience member, Mister Kerry looked directly into a camera and swore an Oath that he would not raise taxes. Mr. Bush suspects that due to Mr. Kerry’s record, this does not ring true, and will not happen. We do need to watch this closely, considering that Kerry is elected. Hell, he’s a lawyer and a politician. Lying is his life.

President Bush’s environmental plan was laughable. I’m sorry, but the fact that his main point was reducing off-road diesel engine emissions by 90% just made me sad. The rest of it was references to vague programs to save the environment. Kerry stated, rather inappropriately I thought, that the president’s view was “not in the world of reality for the environment.” Seemed like a bit of a low blow.

Last, the thing that truly irked me was discussion of the patriot act. President Bush stated: “I don’t think the patriot act abridges your rights” ARRRRGGGHHH! Of course it does you twit! That’s the idea! It abridges your rights in order to catch 'terrorists.'

That’s it. What do you think?

-- U msut Feers Me (, October 08, 2004


As far as my grand, sweeping opinion, I'm putting the debates at Bush - 1, Kerry - 1. I think that Bush won the first debate, Kerry the second. I'm giving the second to Kerry because there was more on the table than just Iraq this time, and while Bush played to the audience a little more, Kerry played to his OPPONENT better.

Anyways, did you guys see the Peter Jennings wrap-up/factfinder thing? I forgot what piece of information W. gave out that wasn't right. Kerry said something about that general that retired and made some comment or someting, I forgot what Bush said. Was it something to do with the logging company?

As far as individual points, Bush's environmental concerns make me sick, like U said. One thing he did say was about that hydrogen car, which I don't give a fuck if you like Bush or not, that is HUGE, and if Bush keeps hitting that spot with me, he might wrestle my vote away from 3rd party.

Kerry pissed me off on the draft question, because Bush flatly said that the volunteer military was just fine so we don't need a draft, and Kerry went on some spill about reservists, God damn it man, you'd better say "NO" when you're asked about a draft.

Kerry also made me a little suspicious by swearing to not raise taxes, but holy shit man, the money's got to come from SOMEWHERE, right? I hope he really does create jobs, because otherwise...

Bush made me yawn on the whole stem-cell thing (told you all it'd come up), Kerry's answer was BRILLIANT. He said that yeah, he's Catholic, but it's not his place to shove his beliefs down anyone else's throats. Bravo, Senator, bravo.

As far as the whole Canada drug thing, I didn't know who to side with. Bush sounded good saying that they couldn't be safe, but aren't these drugs made by the same companies? Maybe not at the same FACILITIES, but same companies, right?

Patriot Act doesn't abridge your rights, that's a good one.

Anyways, I'm with U in that I think that both men HONESTLY want what's best for the American people. I have to believe that since it's all that's keeping me from swimming to Australia right now. However, I'm not overly impressed with either one of them. I really hate Bush and I think the Demos could have put a better candidate with a better record on the ballot. I would have voted for Dean any day. Kerry? eh...

-- I Like Pasta (, October 10, 2004.

Kerry pulled a few more punches than I had hoped. On the environment especialy, Kerry should havr ripped him a new one. As pathetic as Bush's environmental record is, he might as well have spread his legs and put up a sign that said "KICK HERE". Those were easy points that Kerry passed up, so that kind of dissapointed me.

I really don't know what to believe when it comes to stem cells. I mean on the one hand you've got a bunch of frozen embryos that are going to be thrown away anyway, and they have the potential to cure a bunch of really nasty diseases. OTOH, you've got the potential for life that you're destroying in order to to this reasearch. I really don't know enough about the topic, to form an opinion. I don't know if there are any special benefits to embryonic stem cells as opposed to umbelical cord stem cells. Seems to me that if there aren't than we should ban embryonic stem cell research, but I don't know, so I'll leave that one alone until I can get more informed.

Bush's stance on Canadian drugs for seniors is bullshit. He's doing it because he backs big American corporations over the American people. He doesn't want his rich buddies in the drug companies to lose money, so he forces people to buy from them. If senior want drugs from Canada, let 'em have them.

And Bush's stance on the PATRIOT Act is stunningly and unbeleivably full of shit. My God. What rights does it infringe on? WHERE THE FUCK DO I START?

I don't think either one of them gives a flying fuck about the American people. Bush sure as hell doesn't. Cheney is pure evil. I doubt Kerry does. Edwards might.

Dean would have kicked Bush's ass in the debates. He's got a stronger, more consistent record and he wouldn't ever have pulled any punches. And I thought that little battle cry the night of the Iowa caucuses was pretty cool. But hey, Kerry's all we've got now, much as I hate to say it, so what are ya gonna do?

-- Anti-bush (, October 10, 2004.

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