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Subj : Opportunity to your opening... Refer: To company executive level,your clients company expension I will open a distribution center in Montreal on my behalf investment. Good day, I would like to thank you for your time given to my invitation to build this pro-active project for your enterprise or others companies suppliers of yours. I take the liberty to give you some information regarding the bearing inscribed mentionned above. To open for your company a distribution center in Montreal c/w full operations set-up to commercialize and to promote your products line covering the Canadian market on my behalf investment and / or parties project goes accordingly. Within my know-how and fields of expertises in the segments of ; the world of retails , food chain stores , distributors , wholesalers and others comsumers goods products stores eithers for the professionnal advise and service in the food and beverage business indutries and articles into magazines and news papers to the consumers market. I acquired during theses years respectable experiences to manage execute and to commercialize the business development improvement aspects of your products lines with the profesionalism you need. I would like to share with you my expertises and know-how for the benifit profitability and services your company for the Canadian market. To open a warehouse distribution center on my behalf here in Montreal covering the Canadian market but limited to ; The topics of this project set-up process trend I will bring ; - Working business plan c/w operation and exploitation - Complete Action plan ; sale & marketing & business development - Sales task forces & strategy process covering Canada - Sales & marketing program - JOT delivery & State of the Art customers services - Seeking srategic alliance with others - Garanty to growth your company sales (range)20%/25% for the first year and the following next 3 years. This is a breaktrough strategy tactical for total quality , productivity and competitiveness for a very good skill level of customers services, visbility, profitability and mutual goals ; " To get closer to the heart feeling of your clienteles needs " . I am ready at your own convenience to discuss further on this matter. In the meantime to hear from you, I remain, Respectfully Yours, Claude Parent Mail:

-- Claude Parent (, October 07, 2004

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