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I was repossessed in 1995 and they trapped me at the begining of the year when I admitted that I was living at the property and basically I have been landed with a claim for 33k.

I paid a premium on a policy when I took the mortgage but the bullying society say that I have no right to see the terms of that policy as they say that it is private between them and the insurers but the insurers have told them to sue me!

I need to know URGENTLY whether I can legally demand to see the MIG.


-- Bernard Townchoice (, October 06, 2004


Firstly i very much doubt if they have a right to pursue you for the debt. The mortgage code tom which your lenderWILL be a part of limits them to 6 years to recover. Secondly ask them for sight of the money judgement oreder. Most lenders in that era did no get one .Without it they are f*******d. Keep demanding it, I'll be surprised if there is one.. On the matter of the Mig you can insist that as you paid for it you were party to it's contents. Ask how much was alleged debt, and how much the insurer paid out. you may find that the lender was self insuring at the time and never paid the premium to a third party.Now here is the bit i don't get, if the insurers have paid the claim , it is for them to sue you, they have a legal right called subrogation to do so. I cannot see the lender will be abl e to sue you for money that they have received from the insurers!First go down the money judge ment order, if they can't produce it, roll the letter into a tube, coat with KY and send it back to them ready for insertion into their hidden files. Good luckm and remember Churchill said ,'never ever give up'.

-- roger watts (, October 08, 2004.

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