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Hi There, I have a 5 stop 4 slot hinged logic panel Dover hydro and it has some intermitent run problems. The car stops on the 3rd floor going up with no car or hall calls registered. On the down run it drops car calls and passes the second floor. Have checked all voltage levels and the power in clean with out any noise.

Have changed all the logic cards. Have checked all hatch switches. The car runs fine except for this intermitent problem. The next step would be to get into the logic signals. Any suggestions, are you guys still troubleshooting this old stuff. Thanks Jim

-- Jim (, October 06, 2004


Hey Jim I've had some wierd problem with those controllers and once I changed the cards one at a time and the same problem was still there. I ended up swapping an entire set out of a car I knew worked at the same time and it fixed it...Just a thought.

-- joe (, October 06, 2004.

hey Jim I live in tampa bay area, we still have alot of the old dover card type controllers, I'm working on one right now that has storm damage from the last hurricane. anyway, you said you checked all the volt etc.. have you tryed the capacitor on pc to 24d trick. it can boost the volts a little and it sometimes help's. a 50volt 220mf will do it. put the neg side to pc. Bob

-- Bob (, October 06, 2004.

Try replacing all the caps on the boards. This is what most board repair facilities do. There are cheap, about 50 cents each when purchased from a electronics shop.

-- megadon (, October 07, 2004.

dover solid state

Jim, I know you said you checked the switches, check the spring steel plate on the switch. I've had a bunch of them break causing intermitten problems.

-- (, October 08, 2004.

Hi There, got into the logic today with a scope and found a glitch in the CA signal in the CAR board. I am looking for extension test board so I can check signals on the card for 4 slot Dover Solid State Hydro, do you know where I can find one. Thanks Jim

-- Jim (ELEVATOR555@HOTMAIL.COM), October 12, 2004.

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