where can i buy Marchesini wheels

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i would like to buy a set of marchesini wheels for my mv spr,, but i dont know where can i get it? can someone help me, and how much will it cost?? thanks

-- chris YIM (chris_yim@hotmail.com), October 06, 2004


If you're in US try here, good prices, good people.


Take Care,

-- Todd G. Mazzola (tmazzola@doncasters.com), October 06, 2004.


-- senna (senna@hotmail.co), October 06, 2004.

You might want to check out the BST carbon fiber wheels for the MV. Rumor is MV may be using BST for a special edition bike very soon.

The ultra light BST carbon wheels will transform the MV. Some people say it is like dropping a passenger or adding 250cc to the bike.

-- martin (martin@motowheels.com), October 07, 2004.

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