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kindly give me the lyrics&meaning for"deva deva kalayamithe"mayamalavagowla rag,swati tirunal's composition

-- jaishri (, October 06, 2004


P:Deva Deva Kalayamithe Charanambuja Sevanam A:Bhuvana Trya Naayaka Bhuri Karunayaa Mama Bhavathaapam Akhilam Vaaraya Ramaakantha C:Jaata Rupa Nibha Chela Janmaarjitha Mamaakhila Pataka Sanchaya miha Vaaraya Karunaya Dithijaali Vidhalana Deenabandho Maamava Sritha Vibhudha Chaala Sri Padmanaabha Shoure

Oh Lord of the celestials, I pay obeisance at your lotus like feet. Oh sovereign of the three worlds! Please do obliterate the miseries of this worldly life by your infinite compassion, Oh RAMAKANTA! Oh the most sacred one! You are extolled by a host of PARAMAHAMSA-s the realized ones. Your glorious exploits obliterates even the heinous sins. You are ever benevolent in fulfilling the desires of those who enjoy listening to the chanting of your divine names incessantly. Your eyes are very beautiful! You exhibited great skill in removing the unbearable misery of GAJENDRA. Your auspicious feet are worshipped by INDRA and other celestials. You are delighted by the adulations offered by BRAHMA who was born out of the lotus from the navel of Lord PADMANABHA. Please bestow on me good fortune. You are adorned with golden raiment. Please obliterate the sins I have accumulated in my previous births with your grace. Oh Lord PADMANABHA! SAURE! You vanquished the clan of demons. You are the refuge for the dejected ones and the celestials. Please protect me.

-- meena (, October 06, 2004.

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