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I am in need of 5-15 used espresso machines. I am looking for machines that need alot of work. I have a trade school and teach under privilaged children. I would like to buy machines that still have parts readily available and the ones in worse condition are better. Please email me or call me at 805-341-1066. Thank you

-- Eric Israel (, October 03, 2004

-- Eric Israel (, October 03, 2004


I don't own any machines I can sell you, but have a few thoughts. If you are talking home models, there are plenty of Krups models floatinng around out there that are in bad need of serious attention. However, most are not meant to be repaired, merely replaced. The first "real" espresso maker that comes to mind is the Starbucks Barista. Not only are there a lot available, but parts are easily available from the manufacturer, which is Saeco. Saeco also makes many quality machines that rival the Barista. You should look at paying at least $50-150 per machine, but if you don't get too attached to them you could probably turn around and sell them "fixed" for what you had in them.

-- micah (, November 10, 2004.

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