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Hello greetings from Sweden!

Has enyone tryed the Metzler M1 on a f4s?

regards Stefan

-- Stefan Nilsson (stefan.nilsson9@comhem.se), October 03, 2004


Hi from sunny-warm Australia.Have had M1's fitted . great tyre that suits in particular the Mv's tight fitting front guard. If you went to the Bridgestone ss with 70 series they will scub under heavy braking which sounds frightfull the 1st time it happens. M1 sportec have not been fitted to many Mv's as even the importer here didn't know what tyre pressures to run.they are at air temp 26 c (front 36 rear 34 psi ) Great warm up - tyre wear was good - wear on front was good because of flatter edges providing great stabilty. Highly recommended would try them again as friends and other riders {ducati/triumph 955} have said similar comments. Price should be a little better than diablo ,ss etc. good luck with the choice. remember tyre series refer to stock tyre in manual to confirm right height of tyre as stated earlier.

-- Errol meulen (meulen1@optusnet.com.au), October 03, 2004.

I have had nothing but great results with Pirelli tires.

-- Brian (brianbriguy187@msn.com), October 04, 2004.

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