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The Montagnards Petition to the President of the United States of America

Dear Mr. President George. W. Bush - Commander in Chief, Mr. Vice-President Richard B. Cheney, Mr. Secretary of State Colin. L. Powell

We're writing this petition to ask the United States of America for help in protecting Human Right and save the Montagnards community. Human Right, the two words in which the meaning of it is holy to all men was slandered, insulted and slaughtered by the Communists of Viet Nam. Dear Mr. President, Mr. Vice President and Mr. Secretary of State, all of us who living in the United States of America have the privilege of exercising the true meaning of Human Right. In the other side of the world where Communists of Viet Nam are ruling, Human Right meant less than nothing. There are words from many trusted news leaders around the world about the pressing of human and religion right from the Viet Nam government to the community of Montagnards (Thuong) residing in Buon Me Thuoc, Daklak (Viet Nam's central highland). The Vietnamese communist government spokesman denied any parts of this incident, but on the other hand, the government ordered visitor-barring of the city of Buon Me Thuoc. Words from unconfirmed sources claimed the Viet Nam's policemen and soldiers brutally attacked the Montagnards' peaceful celebration of Easter Day (April 10, 2004), resulted in 400 killed and more than 1000 wounded. Because of the isolation order in the area, no journalists nor reporters could enter the area to present accurate information.

The Communists of Viet Nam had known for seriously violating of human right, freedom of speech, freedom of religion. Many individuals were unjustly executed or imprisoned, while others were tried without a fair trial. Yet, this time, they went too far. I, my family, friends, and all of those who respect human right urge the United State of America authorities exercise Human Right and bring justice to those criminals, issue a thorough and urgent investigation of this incident. We want the truth exposed and criminals punished and where human living, there're human right. We have the voice, the United States of America has the power, and people of Montagnards have nothing but hope. We can sit and being apathetic about it with no one can judge us, but our hearts will not feel the same. With respect and honor as a citizens of United States of America, We would like you to do anything in your power to demand the Communist government of Viet Nam open the city of Buon Me Thuoc to aid, medics, reporters, journalists, international organization authorities to save the wounded and bring the truth to international community.

Trusted sources of this incident: From CNN:

From Italy Radical Party Organization:

Sincerely and thank you,

Signed by: - signed by 500 human right activists -

-- Nong bi' Dai" (, October 02, 2004


To: UN Secretary General, US President, US Secretary Of State, European Parliament President,


To Your Excellencies: Mr. Kofi Annam,secretary General - United Nations Mr. George W Bush, President - United State of America Mr. Colin Powell, Secretary of State - United State of American Mr. Pat Cox, President - European Parliament

“Please Stop the bloody slaughter of the Montagnards in Vietnam’s Central Highland”

If it is Internationally known that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, then why are the human rights of people in Vietnam’s Central Highlands being brutally violated for their religious belief and ancestral land rights?

On April 10, 2004 more that 150,000 Montagnards took to the streets of Vietnamese Central Highlands to begin a series of nonviolent demonstration of public prayer against the Vietnamese Governments denial of their freedom to worship their religion. As soon as the gathering started, Vietnamese police and Special Forces attacked the crowds beating them with electric batons, throwing rocks and shooting with rifles. Legs and hands were broken and as if that wasn’t enough heads were decapitated. When the dust had finally settled, the number of dead bodies was 400 and counting. The list goes on of what is taking place in other villages.

Research shows that the Government of Vietnam is attacking all Montagnards who do not “Swear Brotherhood”(le ket nghia) with local cadres in front of pictures of Ho Chi Minh. It is heart wrenching to hear the horrible ordeals these human beings, our brothers and sisters under God, are going through. For example, according to Human Rights Watch, “people are being interrogated, arrested, beaten, jailed and even killed – simply because they are Christians or are suspected of supporting the popular movement for land rights and religious freedom.” What is worst is that calls for help to their neighboring Cambodia is going unanswered even to the point that if one of the Montagnards were to seek asylum they would be forcefully removed and sent back to be prosecuted by the Vietnamese Government. According to Human Rights Watch “the U. N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Cambodia has failed to provide protection or asylum for the Montagnards”.

In violation of article 18.2 of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), to which Vietnam is a party, Vietnamese authorities have imposed individualized coercive practices that impair freedom of religion for Christian’s minorities. For example, police officers are posted inside Christian homes at night, to monitor the activities of Christian families, thereby preventing them from freely observing their religion in their homes. In March 2003, Human Rights Watch received a handwritten list of names of 439 ethnic Mnong Christian families (1,206 people) who were requesting international protection in Cambodia. Their plea was “Please have pity for us and rescue the Christian believers and help us receive back our ancestral lands.”

Therefore, with the faith that human rights will at all times be valued, and that justice and equality will eventually prevail, we sincerely hope that this petition will be received with a compassionate and pressing attention.

Gui : Tong thu Ky Lien Hiep quoc, Tong thong Hoa Ky, Bo truong Ngoai giao Hoa Ky,Chu Tich Quoc hoi Au chau HAY CUU DONG BAO MIEN THUONG DU MIEN TRUNG VIET NAM Thua Qui Ngai, Ong Koffi Annan, Tong Thu Ky Lien Hiep Quoc Ong G. Bush, Tong thong Hoa Ky Ong Colin Powell, Bo truong Ngoai gia Hoa Ky Ong Pat Cox, Chu tich Quoc Hoi Au chau XIN QUI NGAI HAY GIUP DO DE NGUNG CUOC DIET CHUNG DONG BAO MIEN THUONG MIEN CAO NGUYEN TRUNG PHAN VIET NAM ! Ca Cong Dong the gioi deu biet ro moi con nguoi SINH RA DEU TU DO va BINH DANG ve NHAN PHAM va NHAN QUYEN cua minh. Neu qua that nhu vay, thi tai sao NHAN QUYEN cua DAN VIET NAM tai mien Cao Nguyen Trung phan lai bi VI PHAM mot cach tan bao, chi vi nhung quyen TIN NGUONG va TU HUU DAT DAI cua ho ? Vao ngay 10/04/2004, hon 150 ngan Dong bao Thuong mien Trung Viet Nam da qui tu ve nhung con duong chinh cua mien Cao Nguyen mien Trung de bat dau cuoc BIEU TINH chong lai Chinh quyen Viet Nam vi2 Chinh quyen nay da cam TU DO TON GIAO va Cuop Dat dai cua ho. Dan moi qui tu, thi Canh sat va nhung Luc luong Dac biet da tan cong vao dam dong bang cach danh dap ho bang roi dien, luu dan cay, sung nuoc, voi rong rat manh. Dong bao khong bi gay tay chan, thi bi gay co. Nguoi bi thuong va nhung chet lan lon voi nhau. Sau khi cuoc danh dap va tan sat ngung, nguoi ta thay co it nhat 400 nguoi chet. Do la khong ke nhung nguoi chet o nhung noi khac. Theo nhung nha nghien cuu ve van de Dan Thieu so Viet nam, dac biet la o mien Cao nguyen Trung phan, thi chinh quyen Viet Nam da TAN CONG tat ca nhung Dong Bao Thuong khong chiu " LAY HINH HO CHI MINH" truoc mat nhung nhan vien chinh quyen dia phuong. That la dau long khi nghe thay nhung Dong Bao, ho la nhung Anh Chi, nhung Em cua chung ta, phai chiu nhung cuc hinh nhu the nay ! Theo to chuc Human Rights Watch : " O mien Trung Viet nam, dan mien Thuong du da bi bat, bi tra tan, danh dap, bo tu va bi giet, chi vi ho la nhung nguoi theo dao Thien Chua hay bi nghi ngo ho o trong nhung to chuc dau tranh cho tu do ton giao hay quyen tu huu dat dai. Toi te hon nua la chinh quyen CSVN da yeu cau chinh quyen Cam Bot dong cua bien gioi khong cho dan mien Thuong sang ty nan, neu sang duoc, thi chinh quyen Cam Bot bat ho va trao tra lai chinh quyen VN. Theo to chuc Human Rights Watch, thi :" Cao Uy Ty Nan LHQ ben Cam Bot da khong lam tron su menh cua minh, vi da khong che cho dong bao Thuong VN va cho ho ty nan!" Vi vi pham dieu 18, chuong 2 cua Cong Uoc ve dan quyen, quyen chinh tri, ma chinh quyen VN da ky ket, chinh quyen nay da di nguoc lai nhung quyen tu do can ban, nhat la quyen tu do ton giao, doi voi nhung nguoi theo dao Thien Chua giao o mien Cao nguyen Trung phan VN !" Chang hancanh sat da xam nhap trai phep vao gia cu nhung gia dinh theo dao Thien chua giao, cam ho cau nguyen, hanh dao. Thang 3 nam 2003, to chuc Huamn Rihgts Watch da nhan duoc 439 la thu viet tay cua 439 gia dinh cua Dan Toc Hmongs theo dao Thien Chua Giao trong so 1206 nguoi, yeu cau su che cho cua quoc te o Cam bot. Loi keu cuu cua ho la: " Lam on hay thuong va giup do chung toi, nhung nguoi tin tuong va theo dao Thien Chua, va hay giup chung toi co lai dat dai cua cha ong chung toi !" Boi le do, tin tuong rang nhan quyen la nhung gia tri toan cau o bat cu noi nao va thoi dai nao, tin tuong rang cong ly va cong bang se duoc ton trong, chung toi mong muon rang BAN TINH NGUYEN THU nay se duoc DON NHAN XUNG DANG va duoc su QUAN TAM DAC BIET CAP BACH cua QUI NGAI . Xin Kinh Thu


The Undersigned

-- Nong bi' Dai" (vietnamcongsans nuoi Heo nhieu qua'', October 02, 2004.

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