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Dear Human Right Watch organization, We're writing this petition in the hope of urging HRW to execute an immediate investigation of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam. Dear HRW, there are words from many trusted news leaders around the world about the pressing of human and religion right from the Viet Nam government to the community of Montagnards (Thuong) residing in Buon Me Thuoc, Daklak (Viet Nam's central highland). The Vietnamese government spokesman denied any parts of this incident, but on the other hand, the government ordered visitor-barring of the city of Buon Me Thuoc. Words from unconfirmed sources claimed the Viet Nam's policemen and soldiers brutally attacked the Montagnards' peaceful celebration of Easter Day (April 10, 2004), resulted in 400 killed and more than 1000 wounded. Because of the isolation order, no journalists nor reporters could enter the area to provide accurate information. Dear HRW, the Communists of Viet Nam had known for seriously violating of human right, freedom of speech, freedom of religion. Many individuals were unjustly executed or imprisoned while others were tried without a fair trial. Yet, this time, they went too far. I, my family, friends, and all of those who respect human right urge the HRW to issue a thorough and urgent investigation of this incident. We would like you to represent us to the United Nation and demand the government of Viet Nam to open the city of Buon Me Thuoc to aid, medics, reporters, journalists, international organization authorities to save the wounded and bring the truth to international community.

Trusted sources regard this incident: From CNN: From Italy Radical Party Organization:

-- Ho chi Minh Dam TAC (vietnamcongsans nuoi Heo nhieu qua'', October 02, 2004


MOI BAN BAM VAO LINK !...A petition to Human Right Watch Organization

-- Ho chi Minh Dam TAC (vietnamcongsans nuoi Heo nhieu qua'', October 02, 2004.

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