Pullman car "Conneant".

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When Franklin Roosevelt arrived by SR at his favorite retreat of Warm Springs, GA. in early April 1945, he was traveling on his favorite car, the Ferdinand Megellan, a Pullman product. Within days, he was dead, and his casket was placed in the Conneant, another Pullman car, with Mrs Roosevelt & party traveling in the F.M.for the SR journey back to Washington. The F.M. is today at the Gold Coast museum....the Conneant was supposedly scrapped in later years. Anyone have any details on the Conneant's final years...where it saw service....when scrapped? Many thanks.

-- Greg Hodges (lynnhodges@earthlink.net), October 01, 2004


The car was Conneaut, a Plan 2540D, 7 compartment - buffet - lounge, not Conneant.

According to Wayner's The Complete Roster of Heavyweight Pullman cars, the Conneaut was sold to Strates Shows on 10/56. I don't know how long Strates Shows kept it.

-- Jack Wyatt (cjwyatt@bellsouth.net), October 01, 2004.

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