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Oxy Moron JUBE, Do you feel ashame as a Vietnamese person if you still have the heart for the country and your people ? Why the war was ended 30 years ago and today Vietnamese Civil Engineer still can not build or rebuild the HIEN LUONG Bridge ? Because our engineers are so stupid that we can not rebuild the bridge ơurselves?

What is the pride and proud being a Vietnames when no-one in the country khows how to rebuild our own Vietnam but we have to get a loan and bring in the foreign Engineers and guest workers to build the Hien Luơng Bridge ?


Vietnam asks for loan to upgrade Long Bien bridge

Vietnam plans to ask the French Government for a 12 million Euro loan for the first phase of the restoration of the Long Bien bridge, spanning the Red River, the Ministry of Transport said on Saturday.

Experts have recommended maintaining the original design of the more than 100-year-old bridge, which has two lanes for buses and a lane for pedestrians and bicycles. The Long Bien bridge is one of the first metal bridges built in Southeast Asia. The construction of the bridge more than 100 years ago by French colonialists marked an important expansion of Hanoi capital to the north. The bridge witnessed the withdrawal of the French troops and survived numerous air raids in the destructive war by the US.

Meanwhile, the new Long Bien bridge for an elevated railway will be built about 50m from the old one. The construction is expected to start in 2007 and to be completed in 30 months.

Voice Of Vietnam - September 27, 2004

-- (Cn_Ngố_n-Dải-Dt@BBP.govt), September 28, 2004



Vietcong were so prouded to fight French and USA, now they knee down to beg USA and French give them more SHIT :)))

-- Why dont Hanoi use BAMBOO to make a bridge :) (, September 29, 2004.

Even made by bamboo, 70% of construction material will be eaten by the so called "servant of people" :-)

-- Thanh (, September 29, 2004.


the servant people know how to spend a vast amount of money for Mercedes , but they dont have the budget for the bridge

all the Mercs would be used to serve the poor boys who are earning their living by polishing shoes in the streets... they might go to the cinema by Mers

welcum to socialist paradise, the servant people gonna make a dream come true

-- Ho Chi Minh Ma Co (, September 29, 2004.

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