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This article by itself tell you Oxy Moron Idiot JUBE about why three millinons Vietnamese Compatriots are living oversea today, because the brutality of your thuggist communist red Mafia regime that you and others like you are trying to hanging on to power so you can continue to imprisoned innocent citizen and torturing them to death phisically or starving the prisoners to their death. You Moron Commie Skum a hated specy in Vietnam today



In April, 1975 Saigon and the South suffered a blood-bath. Many executions took place all over the streets, or with all the traces covered up. In Ban-Me-Thuot, all the commanding officers and servicemen of the ethnic minorities of North Vietnam were massacred for having migrated to the South during the period 1954-1955. In the survey undertaken by the French general Vanuxem, author of the book La Mort du Vietnam (1) (The Death of Vietnam), it was determined that in the South after April 30, 1975 the situation was worse than a blood-bath. Innumerable civilians and soldiers were shot on the spot. The wounded soldiers were driven out of the hospitals. Those who disobeyed orders, or were unable to crawl out were shot on the spot. I was myself an eyewitness of such savagery. But let me tell you what a doctor saw.

Dr. Vincent dAthis Mons, a French naturalized Vietnamese, was one of the rare witnesses of these events. He was a member of the delegation Medecins Sans Frontieres (Physicians without Frontiers) in the medical mission sent by France to Vietnam. During those historical moments he was working at a civilian hospital of the Republic of Vietnam in Vung Tau. The French medical delegation was taking care of 80 injured patients, in majority civilians and paratroopers. When the Vietcong arrived they immediately shot to death on the spot the wounded and sick soldiers: a quick, terse, cold, savage, inhuman solution. French general Vanuxem wrote: When the savage arrived, perhaps they had not yet received instructions from their superiors, so they gave orders to halt all treatments or intentions to treat the above-mentioned patients. Then another individual came. He seemed to be more understanding, but he gave the order that everyone should leave the hospital because he needed the facility. Having nowhere else to go the Medecins Sans Frontieres doctors refused to obey the order. Quickly the head of the liberating forces told Dr. Vincent that he had his own solution. He then pulled out his pistol, placed it at the head of a nearby wounded soldier and squeezed the trigger. Dr. Vincent protested. The man had him removed from the ward, and that was when he heard several shots...When the reports had ceased the hospital had been cleared and ready for use by the liberators. This was one of the rare witnesses who were holding the rare proofs of the swift summary executions undertaken by the savage invaders. One of the doctors unable to repress his anger yelled: This is what the German fascist did in 1940! This scene of expulsion and summary executions was seen again at the Cong Hoa Military Hospital at Hanh Thong Tay, Go Vap suburb, in Saigon. I was one of the eyewitnesses. The military doctors, male and female nurses and nursing assistants as well as patients were all expelled from the hospital. Either they leave or be shot on the spot. This was truly tragic. CHAMPIONNING THE MURDER OF PEOPLE

It is hard to understand why the Communists were such cruel, vicious, brutal killers. In the world, wherever the Communists seized power they immediately undertook bloody reprisals, and their killing would go on for decades. Wherever they ruled, murder, imprisonment, poverty and hunger resulted. Communism regards man as a coarse creature in need of transformation to rise to the level of a new creature of socialism. To Communists murder is considered socialist scientific action. Transforming man is the ordinary rational method of socialist science, the experimental science Communist-style. Communism robs man of his right to be a human being; and also it champions murder. In his work Can You Trust a Communist? (2) Dr. Fred Schwartz wrote: Communism truly champions internecine strife, murder and genocide. Their contempt for the life of the individual is truly boundless. Whether the person to be sacrificed was a friend or a foe, that didnt matter. The Communists had destroyed landowners and capitalists, farmers and workers, with the same savage methods (...) Many people wondered why they did not give up their ideology since they had been horrified seeing with their own eyes the savagery, the wickedness, the indescribable absence of consciousness of the Communists.


Bearing in mind the fall of the South after April 30, 1975, the Vietnamese expatriates, especially the young, confusedly looked back at the 23 years of anguish in the South. The entire nation remains sunken in darkness under the Communist regime. Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union had been liberated; is there a reason for the Vietnamese leadership to keep acclaiming the insane, sickly Communist regime? A few days ago, the governmental newspapers still lauded Lenin, the founding father of Communism, a slaughterer-ruler of the 20th Century.

The world understands why the Vietnamese community overseas remained firmly committed to the opposition against Communism in Vietnam. This community is made up of numerous victims of the brutal Communist regime. Numerous people had been incarcerated for many years in re-education camps. They had been terrorized, tortured by the Communists, or they had narrowly escaped death. They had been the witnesses to many refined murder methods of the Vietnamese Communists. Hence, the Vietnamese expatriates know how to treasure freedom and democracy. They are the eloquent witnesses full of compassion, always fighting for the people victimized by calamity in the homeland. This is an intellectual, energetic community marked by self-respect, which contributes much to the homeland. They attract the attention of the international opinion due to their love for their country, and to their struggle for human rights for Vietnam.

Better than anyone else the Vietnamese overseas community clearly understands the revolutionary brutality. Better and better the young Vietnamese abroad understand the Vietnam War, the cruelty of the Vietnamese Communists after the fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975,the 1968 Mau Than Tet event in Hue. The Vietnamese understand clearly the cruelty, the dishonesty and shrewdness of the Communists during the fifties in North Vietnam as they examined their deceptive solutions of harmonious union, peace-making in order to purge the nationalist parties, and their policies of Agrarian Reform, A Hundred Flowers Bloom, or Revisionism.

The overseas Vietnamese are not vague about brutal Communism. Communism is brutal in action, but lovely in ideology. The truth about the Vietnam War and the true face of Vietnamese Communism are clearly understood by the overseas Vietnamese and the world. History has been rewritten with precision with the determination that the war was a destructive war led by the International Communist Party with the goal to communize Vietnam.

The bombs during the Vietnam War did not have the force to destroy Vietnam as fiercely as the brutality of the Communist regime. Communism destroyed the vitality of the Vietnamese nation by its genocidal reprisals and reeducation. The destruction did not appear as a grand-scale blood-bath like the one in Cambodia, but it was made up of the sum of secret blood-baths, added to the slow bleeding to death. Presently there are still numerous intellectuals of the South being incarcerated and never released.

The atheistic brutal Communist regime has murdered several million civilians, servicemen, cadres and government officials of the Republic of Vietnam who loved freedom. It has seriously damaged the nation both materially and morally. The damage will continue many more generations, and will cause extreme difficulties in the modernization of the Vietnamese nation.

Learning from the past and foreseeing what is ahead, all the Vietnamese inside as well as outside the country bear in mind the event of April 30, 1975, and the whole length of the modern Vietnamese history to keep alive the struggle against violent and unjust Communism. The Vietnamese inside and outside the country need to form an alliance to struggle in earnest to take back quickly the genuine human rights, freedom and democracy for a bright Vietnam in the 21st century.

(1)- Read the Vietnamese translation by Duong Hieu Nghia of the book The Forced Suicide of the Republic of Vietnam, Dai Nam Publishers, September 1997 (2)- Read the Vietnamese translation by Dinh Hoan and Hoai Chau of the book Can You Believe a Communist? Saigon 1969.

Note: The article you just read had been salvaged from a newspaper, which perhaps is no longer in existence. It would be such a pity that articles like it could be lost for ever. Likewise it would be tragic that the hideous crimes committed by the Vietnamese Communists could go down the past forgotten. That was why our heroine Nguyen Thi Ngoc Hanh saw it important to secure a place in the Federal Court of the United States to never allow those crimes to be forgotten for fear history would repeat itself.

For doing so she had paid dearly. Please, do not waste her sacrifice.

Please, disseminate this piece of information as widely as possible We will keep on disseminating step by step other documents (Ho Chi Minh and his Vietnamese Communist Party and the CPUSAs crimes) contained in the stored file:

-- (Cn_Ngố_n-Dải-Dt@BBP.govt), September 28, 2004


-- Vietnam Congsan Nuoi Heo nhieu qua' (vietnam congsan nuoi-heo nhieu qua'@yahoo.com), September 28, 2004.
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-- chi-bua (mingo@netscape.net), September 29, 2004.

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