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I have numerous Pyrex and cornflower Corning range top coffee pots and teapots available. Please see or contact me directly. They are reasonably priced and vintage.

-- Linda LaRock (, September 28, 2004


I would like to buy a slightly used (or lovingly used Diedrich IR 12 or similar) roaster. I am in the Washington-Baltimore area. Please contact me at or tel. 410-977-7166 with answer.

-- Mundu wa Wambui (, September 29, 2004.

Hi, I have a question about a corningware teapot. I have seen one in a pattern that looks similar to cornflower blue, but when I search for cornflower blue online the pattern is slightly different. The one I have seen has flowers a slightly darker shade then the cornflower I see online and the design is narrower, with the center flower pushed up (so the flowers form more of a triangle rarther than a straight line). Do you know anything about this variant of the cornflower design? Is it called something else?

Thanks, Allison

-- Allison Lee (, December 27, 2004.

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