Hoist Rope Socket Resin vs Babitt

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Hi There, some time ago one of the members was looking for an article for the resin for elevator sockets and I found the sales the info on the company. The company is Socketfast ,Philadelphia Resin Corporation Ph 215-855-8450, not sure if they are still in bussiness.

The resin can be used for the turnback for elevator work or the broom out method for ships. Can be poured verticle or horizontal and hardens in 15 minutes 50% stronger than babbitt.

Have you ever been asked to remove the seizing or cable bands on an elevator rope socket by an inspector. I understand that the bands and seizing should be removed after instalation, is that true.

-- Jim (elevator555@hotmail.com), September 28, 2004


ASME code rule states that all portions of the hoistrope except that portion inside of the shackle socket shall be readily visible. I guess the inspector is tecnically correct, however, I've never heard of anyone else raising the issue. Sounds pretty picky to me.

-- Michael E. Jobe (mikej4eac@aol.com), December 20, 2004.

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