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Anyone have the same problem? When I put my rear stand on, it's really difficult to put on. Then taking it off is also a chore. Any tips on how to avoid this?

-- Brett (, September 28, 2004


Same problem with my Brutale. I now spray the rear stand hub as well as the rear axel with WD-40 before attempting insertion. Worked well in the past but last time was a chore to remove. I think axel grease might be the only way for easy on/off.

-- Tom Solimine (, September 28, 2004.

It's a common problem - the nylon bobin that goes into the spindle is not up to the job and distorts - some people have had them turned down in a lathe to give more clearance, but the problem eventually returns. A more permanent solution is having one turned up in metal. Personally I use an ABBA stand as it takes the weight off both wheels, though the front is still resting lightly on the ground.

-- Mark M (, September 28, 2004.



WHEN SLIGHTLY SPINNING THE REAR WHEEL (for greasing the chain, or cleaning the rim), THE BIKE MAY SLIP FROM THE STAND !!!!!



-- patrick maes (, September 28, 2004.

I took mine of and set it up in a drill and took off a small amount of material. But as stated in prior posts the problem will return. I also noticed that it was easier to insert/extract when everything was cold... makes sense

-- Bill (, September 28, 2004.

Just finished looking at this before getting on the net! I noticed the nylon had a number of grooves down it from going on and off, I found the holes for the lock ring on the inside rear wheel hub had some burs on them, a light file finished with a very light 1200 grade emery had the burs gone and the stand slipped in easy. Only time will tell if this is the solution.

-- brad smith (, September 29, 2004.

had rear hub stand insert lathed down. To much was taken off and as said weight is put toward open side of stand so when rear wheel is spun for chain lube etc, the bike will tumble off paddock stand . this reduction should be correct from factory not left to guessing second time. Obviously they encounted this problem, so therefore made it fit tight so as not slip of the upright stand , which subsequently makes more problems once released. Maybe an open end capping system may have been better.

-- errol meulen (, September 29, 2004.

I have one with wheels, Italian, Bikelite. It was made for the Ducati so I had a shaft made out of aluminum stock. I switch it for either bike and it works great!

-- Cali-Kane (, September 29, 2004.

Thanks for all your help. I have a couple other bikes, and I use the Pitbull stand on my Hayabusa. Turns out they make one for the MV. Pirates Lair has them. Thanks

-- Brett (, October 10, 2004.

I'm not using mine anymore. Always takes two people to remove it. My wife is not keen on helping me with this project anymore.

-- Hammond (, October 25, 2004.

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