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To the Owner of this Site. Do you know if the Customer of Hinkle Milling Co. (Feed Mill),located on NC109, in Thomasville, North Carolina, is still in operation? This operation was (I believe),formerly switched by the High Point, Thomasville & Denton Railroad. I have the information from a Railroad Model Craftsman mag, Jan 1982.

Any info much appreciated. Thankyou.

-- Peter Hann (trucks381ho@yahoo.com.au), September 22, 2004


A visit in recent years to explore the Thomasville Belt Line revealed that the mill has been demolished. The track itself is overgrown and some of the grade crossings have been paved, but the line is fully intact. NS must see potential industrial development in the area and has decided to keep the line intact. My friend Mike Small who wrote that article said he did photograph a SOUTHERN GP-38 switching the Hinkle Plant. The line also served several Thomasville Furniture plants and a few other industries. The line either crossed or interchanged with HPT&D. The HPT&D station was located across the street from the Hinkle plant and acessed by thier own lead which ran ajacent to Southern's Thomasville Belt Line for a few yards. The HPT&D station is now owned by a florist and the railroad still operates through Thomasville interchanging with NS at High Point, NC and the Winston-Salem Southbound at High Rock, NC. Southern served the Hinkle plant.

-- richard lea (grandsound@hotmail.com), October 02, 2004.

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