WTB,-Sub tank panel left side

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Finally rode the F4S I bought from Armantrout. InCrEdIbLe!! I'm buying a F41000 even though I don't need anything more than the 750F4S,- however, too much is never enough...........

On my first ride. I lost the sub-tank panel on the left side. I should have paid more attenton to these postings. Ziplocks etc.

SO,- if anyone has a stock left side sub tank panel(silver).

Repeat: LHS Stock Sub Tank panel WTB

Kevin H

-- Kevin Hannigan (khfx@prodigy.net), September 22, 2004


I lost mine 2 months ago I have beenkeeping an eye out on ebay but they never seem to come up I can only reccomend a carbon one from Casoli or power house Les

-- les spragg (zen22731@zen.co.uk), September 23, 2004.

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