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F4 2001. My battery appears to be playing up? I have a Veto alarm that pulls some juice from the bike, hence when not in use it is hooked up to an Optimate. The Optimate tells me the battery is fine, Long runs don't seem to help, ends up with a bump start if I stop any where. Pressing the start button ends up with a series of clicks...... Can this type of sealed batteries play up like this? Is there another way of testing the battery before I go off to buy a new one?


-- Geoff Barker (, September 20, 2004


First thing to do is check your battery terminal connections and the output of the charging system.If those are ok the answer is to remove your battery and take it to an automotive electrician for a load test.Basically he will put a tester across the terminals and simulate a heavy load during which time he will see if the battery will sustain its output voltage.Measuring the voltage with a multimeter alone can indicate that the voltage is ok but when the battery is loaded it will drop to an unacceptable level.The probable cause if it doesn't pass the test is sulphation of the battery plates.If you want to see if is saveable put it on a proper charger till it indicates fully charged and then rig up a 12volt light with some wires and connect it to the battery and let the battery go to fully flat state.Repeat the process maybe 20 or so times and if your lucky it may break down the sulphation and recover to a useable level.

-- philip costin (, September 20, 2004.

I agree with Phillip. Battery tenders do maintain a voltage, but don't really help with the amperage of the battery. The amps in the battery is like torque, so if it is weak, it just won't go right. Yes, these types of batteries get weak, though not as common as "normal" types. However, it sounds more like the charging system is faulty. The things to check are the fuses, the connector to the alternator and then the output of the alternater. Of course you want to have the battery load checked as well. If you need more detailed info feel free to email me and i can walk you through it.

-- Cali-Kane (, September 21, 2004.

A good indication of the altrnator charging is to fire it up in the garage at night, swith on the headlight and gently rev the motor. from idle you should easily see the headlight get brighter as the revs rise.If it stays same you likely have a prob with the charging side. I have the same probs with my veto alarm. also i fitted a gel battery on advice, "because lead acid can sometimes leak" went to the british GP and when i got back the gell had leaked with same result. has anybody tried a mod to batt cadle to enable batt to fit rght way up?

-- bernie watkin (, September 26, 2004.

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