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Needed: Thompson series 90V2 Prints 50 HP

Thanks Joe Gold

-- joe gold (, September 16, 2004


Hi There, Just call Othompson up, they have free tech support, They have some techs that have worked there for 20 years and realy know their equipment. The prints are for sale at reasonable cost, have job number, email back if you cant find contact number. The 90 v is a good control series, now obsolete but they can still help you. Dont know why more people dont install those controls. Jim

-- Jim (, September 16, 2004.

Thank you for your recommendation, Jim. We're always glad to hear that our customers are pleased with our equipment.

Joe, the prints are available and as Jim said they are reasonably priced (probably about $100). Please contact our office at (718) 417- 3131 for further assistance.

Ian MacMillan Manager, Engineering O. Thompson Company

-- Ian MacMillan (, September 21, 2004.

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