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Has anyone else had their F4 750 put on a dyno and charted HP and torque? I had mine (EVO 3) done on 14 Sept. It was 118HP before remapping and 123HP after the remap with Power Commander III fitted. (my bike has stock chip and revamped Casoli pipes). I am intersted to see how outputs from different F4's compare and also the shape of the curves from different F4's. Mine has quite a dip at around 6000rpm.

-- Takis Markatos (loms-ltd@ntlworld.com), September 16, 2004


2000 bike with RG3/SPR or evo 3 manifold, and a PC, a shade under 120 at the rear wheel......like 119.8

-- mike (miketilston@btinternet.com), September 16, 2004.

Thanks for that. Did you get a print out with the dyno? Is your HP reported as 'DIN', 'ECC', etc. Mine was printed out as 'DIN' figure which usually posts the highest value. In 'ECC' terms my output would be about 120HP. If you have a printout is there a dip in HP and torque at around 6000rpm? I am considering replacing my stock chip with an RG3 chip and dyno again to adjust PCIII for new chip. I have been told that the chips adjust parameters such as timing which the PCIII is unable to do (only adjusts fuelling). Do you have any advice concerning this. Many thanks.

-- Takis Markatos (loms-ltd@ntlworld.com), September 16, 2004.

2001 rg3 pcIII 117,2 at the rear wheel

-- (jaapdeurloo@zeelandnet.nl), September 16, 2004.

Stock 2002 F4 evoII @114.7HP at the rear.

-- jon-jon (jpolicarpio@hotmail.com), September 17, 2004.

if you want the print out just let me know

-- (jaapdeurloo@zeelandnet.nl), September 18, 2004.

Last year I had my 2002 total standard F4S tested: 128,5 HP at the crank shaft and 117,7 HP at the rear wheel at 12669 RPM.

-- Olav Geesing (olav.geesing@bluewin.ch), September 19, 2004.

2001 bike tested at 117.4 during setting up of powercomander, otherwise STD.

I'm very suprised at the low figures for the EVO engines as the bigger valves don't seem to be doing their job!

-- Mark M (m.magenis@btinternet.com), September 21, 2004.

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