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Regarding the article posted on the home page about this threatend structure, did Building 'D' ever ever serve as the ACL passenger station (even briefly) after other ACL structures were demolished? It seems I read something to that effect, but I can't recall where. Thanks.

-- Bob Venditti (, September 14, 2004


Bob, I hadn't heard that, but it could have. ACL built a new passenger station near Building D, probably in the mid-60s, that looked like a smaller version of the St. Pete or Lakeland stations - the same buff block construction style, etc. This was used until the end of passenger service. The new station was still there a few years ago, although on a trip to Wilmington last month I couldn't spot it. (It was pouring rain and a lot of little trees etc have grown up in the area, so quite possibly I overlooked it)

-- Larry Goolsby (, September 15, 2004.

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