UN Ready to Enforce International Criminal Court

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Two Major Issues Need Your Immediate Action URGENT ACTION ITEM 1: UN Ready to Enforce International Criminal Court

On June 15, UN delegates will meet in Rome to finalize the International Criminal Court (ICC) Treaty. This treaty is a direct threat to American Sovereignty.

The Treaty will:

declare provisions of the U.S. Constitution null and void, including the right to trial-by-jury; imprison Americans in foreign jails; and put us at the mercy of judges from Communist and terrorist states. this United Nations court could expand its jurisdiction into environmental and even hate crimes

The Pentagon has issued a three page memorandum warning that the ICC could subject the U.S. Armed Forces to "frivolous" charges and "politically-targeted" prosecutions. Visit Link http://www.americanpolicy.org/sledgehammer/stoptheun.htm !

-- Nong bi dai' (vietnamcongsan@yahoo.com), September 14, 2004

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