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Check-out the new issue of the FastBikesMag! It's the MV Agusta F4 1000 against the other 1000s of the world! I'm sorry to ask you guys that if the MV 1000 won in the test? 'cus I haven't bought one yet.... I reckon the it will be the F4 1000 to win and take over the world and it'll be the beginning of the great success for the MV Agusta in racing and on the road!!!! lol! thanks guys! cheers! ;-)

-- Gucci (, September 12, 2004


Unfortunately, the F4 1000 did not win the test - it lost out to the R1 and the GSXR1000. They reckoned that these two bikes were more "useable" in the real world. (I bought an F4 1000 two months ago, and I think its superior to both these machines, and I have owned both of these bikes previously)

Here's the real killer though - the Performance Bikes magazine (October edition) test of 1000cc bikes said that the MV "just didn't handle", and rated it LAST in the test. You've got to wonder how much Honda, Suzuki etc are paying these idiots to write garbage!!!

-- Rich Flanders (, September 14, 2004.

Useable in the real world?!? Yeah, so is a Buick more usable than a Ferrari. My guess is that usable in the "real world" would be less of a consideration for the guys a FBM if you offered them the choice in those terms. Boneheads.

-- Rob (, September 14, 2004.

Oh yeah, like someone said the Perfomance Bikes Magazine test was a disapointment :(

They only said bad things about the MV compared to the others 1000cc. And not only about some fuelling problems but also about the handling of the bike. I was like... WTF!!! Everyone else says the handling is superb and this guys come and say it's crap!!!???

Anyway they voted for the CBR 1000 RR in the fisrt place, so their credibility is ....... I think that Honda must have payed them good money for that comparo.

-- MilleR (, September 15, 2004.

Well, a person who says the MV Agusta doesn't handle well is taken as seriously as someone who says the MV Agusta is ugly.

Even the village idiots have an opinion, but who listens to them? :)

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix,AZ) (, September 15, 2004.

Thats not the worst, but the FACT that these idiots one mo. say such and such bike is no.1 and 6mo. later in another comparo state it isnt and its got so mnay flaws.. !!!\

One mag writes one thing, another totaly the opposite! So much contradiction and B.S. which is typical media..(i was a media guy once myself...!!!).

Fact is, Jap. bikes are great, no doubt. Lighter and just as powerfull indeed, BUT, better handling???

Gotta be kiddin me.

Remember, a REPORTER only writes what his opinion and interests (of the corp. media owners) mandate, like any others do!

I know, i was there.

-- sean (, November 07, 2004.

I tested the F41000S against the CBR1000RR earlier this year and the Honda beats the Agusta in almost all areas except the narrow top range and good looks. If I was considering an MV for myself now I would go and buy the Brutale S whilst I wait for the 1000 to get radial stoppers and better suspention! Or just go for a Jap 1000 to learn on until you are ready for the harsh ride the F4 is. Don`t come here and tell me the F41000 is a better handeling motorcycle than either the 04 Fireblade or R1. That is just bollocks. With “hlins suspention and Brembo radial calippers(Thing RSV Factory guys) the F4 would have been right up there. But I do agree the F41000S is a very decent first go at the 1000 class.

-- Tor Sagen (, December 14, 2004.

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